Did Copywriting Take Off in 384 BCE?

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Some intriguing copywriting techniques from an A lister in ancient times (go to go today).

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    I read Rhetoric by Aristotle a while back, it could certainly be considered "Copywriting", though really, it's just general persuasion.
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  • Research shows…

    BCE became known -

    In 1708 (in English) tracing back to 1615 (in Latin). But actually began in 525.

    The E stands for Era.

    BCE stands for Before Common Era.

    Which is the year numbering system used with Common Era notation devised by the christian monk Dionysius Exiguus in 525 to replace the Era of Matyrs system.


    P.S. The "era" could arrive when I may have to use this is in a copywriting project. Should it happen I will make it a lot more interesting.
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    I wonder if they had upsells back then too lol
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      Originally Posted by AaronBurton View Post

      I wonder if they had upsells back then too lol
      No, just downsells. If you couldn't persuade the King to let you live, your head would soon be rolling down the street.

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