Please Critique My Opt-In Page! [ I really Need It :) ]

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Hi Warriors,

I have a site where the product is actually free, but I need to convince people to join so please let me know what you think and anything I can do to improve it..

"FREE" Quality Content For Your Site(s)!

Thanks for any advise..

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    Hi Dennis,

    Your site is essentially a squeeze page to collect email address and then give your visitors access to the free content - a great method for building your optin list.

    I wouldn't remove the first optin box, you're asking the visitor to subscribe after only reading your headline so they prob dont realise what you are offering just yet. Also have you thought of getting a banner or cover graphic done? This would create a more professional look to the site and add some colour to break up the text.

    Good luck with it!
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      Hi Nathan,

      I removed the top signup box..

      Yes, it is a free membership but when they signup they are subscribed to the newsletter and the membership..

      Thanks for the tips..

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        Just a comment on grammar, please don't take offense, I'm just trying to be of some help. I think your site and idea are great. In fact I joined :-)

        How would you like a way for you to receive quality articles that is related to your site every day? (I would say "that are" related)

        All you have to do is select the category your site is related to upload a wordpress widget
        (a comma is needed between to and related)

        I know this offer sounds to good to be true (too good to be true)

        it has to be top notch unique content (comma between notch and unique)

        Ron Wagner
        Exciting! No more frustration

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        • Profile picture of the author Dennis Cheesman
          Hello Ron,

          Thanks a lot, Yes I will have my wife proofread everything for me as I seem to miss things

          I will change what you have mentiond.. And thanks for joining..

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            Hi Dennis,

            That's a good looking site. I've a feeling the letter may be a little long for lead capture purposes though.

            Are you testing? If not, you can easily set up some split tests with the Google website optimizer, which is free, and the first thing I would do is test the page that you have now against something much shorter.

            On the shorter one, use bullets (5 or 6) to get the biggest benefits across to the reader, and try to make sure that the optin box is above the fold and visible all the time.

            I think a shorter page will definitely pull more, but a few days of testing will give you a definitive answer. Once you definitively know which version pulls more, you can then start testing fonts, headlines, colors etc to get the thing really nailed down.

            Hope that helps, good luck.

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              Hi Dennis,

              It has been my experience that squeeze pages that provide the opti-in form above the fold, along with a strong headline and a few short bullet points or benefit statement works best, and using this system I consistently get between a 50% and 70% opt in ratio

              + never forget you MUST provide the MOST compelling reason you have for people to make a commitment.
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              • Profile picture of the author Dennis Cheesman
                Thanks everyone for the replies, I am rethinking how I am doing this and taking all the suggestions into account..

                Again thanks alot..

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  • Profile picture of the author J. Barry Mandel
    Hi Dennis,

    The site looks good to me, but it looks like there's a lot of repetitive copy.

    IMHO I think you could effectively get away with cutting out about 2/3rds of what you have there.

    My suggestion would be to split 3 or more different versions and see which converts best.

    Best of luck with the site - sounds like you have a winning idea!
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    • Profile picture of the author Dennis Cheesman
      Thanks Justin,

      I think you are right... I am going to reduce it down a little more..

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    When I read your sales letter I am intrigued and want to know more, but I dont exactly get the full picture. I would like to see either examples of how your product can successfully be used (success stories) or an "imagine if you had this product..." kind of approach. Tell the story!
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    • Profile picture of the author mika
      I'm thinking this is a slick and seductive way to get focused people to sign up for your site
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