Best book on writing good emails?

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Hi all.

Do you recommend any book on how to write good emails?
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    If you are talking about PRINT books then I would recommend
    Nick Usborne's Net Words. There is a good section on email

    -Ray Edwards
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    For me, the best way to learn how to write great emails is to WATCH great email writers in action.

    I don't know of that many "books" on email writing that are worthwhile... I'm sure you can check
    Amazon and find the reviews.

    But for me, the best education was getting onto the lists of the top emailers and seeing what they were doing and how they were doing it.

    Over time, I was able to find my own unique method and "voice".

    Because that's the biggest problem I see... trying to copy and emulate another
    writer too much... so you lose your own voice.

    Your customers are going to want YOU... and learn from you.. so try
    to establish your own voice.

    When I started in 2001.... Matt Furey was considered one of the best, so
    I got on his list and over the years... read over 1,000 of his emails.

    Then I got on Ben Settle's list... and then Andre Chaperon and
    I just read a book by Jon Benson that's all about email... called "Open, Click,

    But again, it was all from subscribing to their lists... people who were
    known to be great email writers... seeing what they were doing.. .and
    then find your own method/voice.

    When I started 14 years ago, I just wrote emails like I used to
    talk to my personal training clients... and as you can see from
    my emails here, that were done close to 10 years ago...

    Those were written before studying anyone known for
    writing great emails... I just wrote in a conversational voice, and tried
    to be helpful.

    And if I remember right... they sold close to $200,000 or more in
    marketing courses... and I was emailing my fitness list!

    So, as long as you're helping people and using your own voice,
    your prospects will buy from you and WANT to hear from you.

    It's something that you can do, with or without a book
    or course on emails.

    If you just write like you talk and find your own unique
    voice that helps your prospects... you can do very well
    with email, and NOT lose your own unique personal voice.
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      Ben Settle's book, "The Email Players Playbook" is the best one I've seen.

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    Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joseph Sugarman.

    It's more of a general copywriting book, but it's one you can't afford to not read. So, SO many golden nuggets in that book. I'd highly recommend it.
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    Our own Ray Edwards' product on writing emails is excellent.
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