Nurturing leads while employed full-time?

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Just curious what your thoughts are on this...

When you're a freelancer who supports yourself entirely as a one man (or woman) business, nurturing leads is pretty self-explanatory.

Introduce yourself, provide value, follow up now and then, provide value, call, e-mail, send postcards, send targeted blog posts, build a healthy relationship, accept work when / if it comes.

Maybe not self-explanatory, but I certainly understand what to do.


I just got offered a full-time role. And I'm taking it.

But I understand the nature of this game. My role could disappear in the blink of an eye at any moment.

So it's important for me to keep my options open, my leads nurtured and happy, and my potential for income high.


How do you go about nurturing leads when you're absolutely unavailable for work?

Is it the same as when you ARE available, or is there anything people don't often think of that you'd like to mention?

Love you guys,

- Chad
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  • Hmmm I had the same thought a while back, but It was a bit different. While I was working one job, I would see other jobs that sell services I had more experience in selling and liked more. Plus the commission was different.

    I thought it would be a good idea just to get in touch with them in case I things changed one day. You could say networking to build upon job security.

    If you are talking about jobs 9-5. Then Id look at every possible option before taking one up. I mean you can still leave your resume, sell your self and shake hands.

    Then with freelance

    You could offer consultations and point people in the right direction. If you have a fulltime job, that would be a perfect time to network. You could say that is right around nurturing leads.

    Because by nurturing leads, you are talking about keeping them and keeping in touch with them, and building good connections right?

    Say you give consultations and have a close niche group of people you know. You could pass clients on to people you know who are excellent at what they do. Because a client is going to try to find someone. They are probably not going to wait. So might as well be the one to help them towards success.

    Then if things change, you have a strong network of people who could help you out when you are back in the game.

    When you give freely expecting nothing in return, you become more valuable.

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    When you're unavailable to market your business yourself, it's best to hire the best in the business to generate leads for you.

    Good luck Chad.
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