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Hey guys,

So my dream job has always been in copywriting. Unfortunately, I'm a English teacher and I don't particularly like it. I'm wanting to build a portfolio of work that I can use to find a job in the writing field. However, considering I have a full time job and other responsibilities, my time is limited.

That's where I'm asking you guys for help!

I was wondering if anyone had some copy they needed written. Again, I'm looking for some smaller projects with a not-so-strict timeline. Until summer I'm a busy man. I'll do it for free and just need experience so that I can land a job I really enjoy.

If you want to just post some ideas on how I can better my craft, find a job, etc., you can do that as well. Thanks for the input!
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    Consider putting up a WFH ad or a WSO and explain what you said here. You should get some nibbles.

    That said, let me give you some grief. You say copywriting is your dream job, but you don't have the time to build up a portfolio. How will you have time to do a real job, even for free, if someone hires you? I know, you have a lot of responsibility. But at a certain point, you have to make time to go after your goals.
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      I have 33 days left in this school year before I become very available. I'm researching and getting a head start.
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    Why wait for someone to give you an assignment? Write something and post it for a critique.

    The early bird gets two in the bush. Or something.

    Point being: take action. Don't wait for others to help you figure out your path.

    Pick something you like. Write a sales letter from the perspective of a friend chatting with a friend at the bar over beer - just get excited about it and let your enthusiasm sell it.

    Incorporate the principles you've been studying from Headline to Hook to Flow to Offer.

    Post it for review and prepare to possibly be shredded.

    Or better yet, see if you can actually sell something with the written word and put it out there in the real world - let the market tell you whether it's good enough.

    Aspiring copywriters: if you need 1:1 advice from an experienced copy chief, head over to my Phone a Friend page.

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    • You're an English teacher and you don't like it?

      Since you have limited time to work with (for now), I suggest taking angiecolee's advice. Start working on your own for the meantime and see if your output is good enough to get you a job. Work for yourself until you have more time to devote to the endeavor.

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