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Is there one better way to frame/format the copy I might use in the section of a sales letter, where I want to start building up some credibility in the product / solution I have, and in my credentials?...

So in the copy, there's this type approach as a lead in....

....Now if you're thinking........

"Who is this person...and why should I believe, or trust anything they're saying....and how do I know the tools they're offering really work, and can transform my website into ?....."

Fair let me put any fears you might have to rest right now...........

My name's .....(then I would go on using copy that would build up my credentials)


Or a more typical... straight question, written this way...


" Why should you trust me to provide you with these incredibly easy to use tools that will transform all your............. websites into ........... "

"Well, that's an easy one to answer.....

My name's......".
(then I would go on using copy that would build up my credentials)


I hope I was clear with that question.
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    That's pretty much the approach (and it is effective) used in the IM/MMO
    market. In most of these cases the product depends on the credibility of
    the creator. But of course not all products do. So you don't have to use
    this type of credibility element for all products.

    A more subtle method is to SHOW the person in their authoritative or
    wealthy environment. For example, if I 'm writing copy for an internet
    marketer, then instead of a simple head-shot, I would use a picture of
    the marketer before an audience.

    -Ray Edwards
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      Is there one better way to frame/format the copy I might use in the section of a sales letter, where I want to start building up some credibility in the product / solution I have, and in my credentials?...

      There is not ONE better way. There are many ways this can be done, depending on the product type, the person's credentials and his/her relationship with the audience.

      Here is one example where I did this recently for myself in a backhanded way that might not work for other people...

      Why Me as Your Instructor?

      Often in launching a course like this, the instructor shows you pictures of their yachts, drops a lot of famous names and rattles off how much money they have made from what. That is not who I am, not what I value and not how I choose to present myself in business.

      I do consider myself to be in excellent shape financially. I have two fully paid off homes, one by the beach in Maui and the other at a lake in rural Massachusetts. I no longer work very hard, although I certainly did in the previous 33 years. I have a lot of interests that I am pursuing now - such as swimming, jogging, reading, learning languages and traveling.

      More to the point, from my point of view, is that money issues come up repeatedly in the questions I get from coaching or mentoring clients. Most freelancers and professionals whom I help appreciate my cut-to-the-chase approach in pointing ways out of the mental and interpersonal tangles in which they find themselves enmeshed.

      In addition, having been in business for myself since 1981, first as a writer for national magazines and then as a writing coach and marketing consultant, I have encountered and resolved innumerable vexing money problems, including clients not paying, partners expecting me to break a contract, difficult negotiations, a couple of ill-advised and ultimately doomed collaborations and much more. These experiences taught me many valuable lessons, and I relish the opportunity to pass them along.

      This course is part of my contribution to the world of business before I retire.
      This is on a sales page intended mainly for people who already know me at least a bit and who are in tune with my general approach. (You can see the context at The Zen of Money - A Course for Freelancers, Solo Professionals and Business Owners.)

      For a health-care client whose readers probably don't know him at all, I would fill that section with his/her conventional credentials.

      Then there are the cases where someone's credentials are quite unconventional and you need to get more creative and tell convincing anecdotes.

      See? There are different approaches.

      Marcia Yudkin
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        I'm wondering though...both those examples I gave, are written in different 'voices' and from different perspectives.

        When a prospect is reading the copy, does one of those 'voices' resonate more with them in their mind than the other?

        In the first example, the prospect reading that nodding their head, saying in their mind...'yes....those are the sort of questions I want answered too.

        With the second example, that's simply written from my point of view (the writer)

        Maybe I'm over complicating this. I've been known to do that :-)
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    Rick Duris has a bunch of copywriting formulas on his blog. You should check those out.

    21 Incredible Copywriting Formulas (I Use) |
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    I wouldn't go about in the way you're trying at all.

    Always ask:

    "Where the money?"

    In this case, where's the money in my name and credentials?

    I'd start your letter off with, "My name is Glen. I've (biggest claim to fame here - relevant to your niche.)"


    Do a "why I'm here" bit, like... "I'm the developer of XXX - something that's helped XXX people XXX. And if you want those same results...

    THIS the most important letter you'll ever read."


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