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Hi all,

I'm looking for a course on copywriting which teaches how to write email copy. I'm looking for a course which teaches how to write short phrases instead of long paragraph.

Any good course that you used and is proven to work?

Many thanks indeed!!!
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    Do you really need to be taught to string
    together a short sentence?

    Doctor E. Vile
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        Originally Posted by Complex View Post

        ^^ This.


        You know the answer.

        Write short sentences.

        That's it.

        So do it.

        Well said. Read Hemingway.

        1. Start with bullet points as follows:
        • main point I want to get across written from the reader's point of view

        Forget the rest of the bullets

        2. Write whatever comes to mind and as much of it as you want. Core dump.
        3. Cross off anything and everything that is not to the main point.
        4. Test

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      Originally Posted by ewenmack View Post

      Do you really need to be taught to string
      together a short sentence?

      Doctor E. Vile

      I started writing emails for my fitness biz back in 2001.

      Before there were "email courses".

      I had read enough about copywriting to do basically what Ewen
      mentioned... which was string some short sentences together
      that tried to help my readers get what they wanted.

      I had been a personal trainer, doing one on one fitness coaching
      for a few years prior.

      And I was always complimented for being so "personal, down to
      earth, easy to talk to, and yet extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

      So, when I took my fitness stuff online, anytime I sat down to
      write an email to my list, which at one point was well over 50,000...
      I still pictured ONE client I was chatting to, just like we were in that
      work out room in the gym.

      My "voice" was to be helpful, empathetic, yet direct and strong
      enough to say "hey, do this right here, and you'll get results".

      And a weird thing happened as I started investing in some of the
      very well known email courses or books put out by marketers
      we know.

      Each one I read, I noticed a little bit of my own "voice"
      disappeared because I was trying to copy that marketer's

      The problem was, each of the marketers selling email courses
      had VERY different approaches... so the more courses I bought
      and read, the worse my open rates and response rates got.

      I think reading so many different email courses basically took
      what was my strong suit... my unique voice and personality,
      and clouded it up a bit too much... trying to incorporate some
      of the other marketers voices.

      So, if you know the basics of good copy, you can write an email
      that will get people to respond.

      It may help to get ONE email course from Ben, Andre, Matt Furey,
      or another well known one... just to get a certain structure down...
      but then use your own voice, as if you're talking to ONE of your
      prime prospects.

      Because they're buying YOU and your personality/voice... and often
      times, like I found out, if you get into too many other courses... you can
      lose that distinct voice you worked hard to develop.
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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, I don't know about any course, but some time ago I've read an ebook about e-mail marketing and it was really good.

    You can get it for free from here: Email Marketing Essentials: The Keys to Email Marketing that Works

    I hope it helps.

    Typing Pandas
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    Originally Posted by mbacchi View Post

    I'm looking for a course which teaches how to write short phrases instead of long paragraph.
    Read Stephen King's On Writing.
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    I was going to say read comic books. I love them and they are great for learning to write short sentences. One of the best ebooks that I have read on short sentences was One sentence persuasion. It's still one of my favorites.
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  • HI mbacchi

    Online there is a lot dimateriale free cominicare, you've already seen?

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      I would sign up for a lot of newsletters run by respectable companies and study real world examples. This world moves fast and its good to stay current.

      Mark Ford's books have been helpful too. That guy really gets it and his record speaks for itself.

      But, by far the most value I've found is writing my own, and workshopping with more experienced writers.
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    Buy The Elements of Style by Strunk & White for under ten bucks on Amazon.
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    I normally use YouTube to get some basic idea. You can also use Youtube to get some basic idea on internet copy writing.
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    Listen I am one of those DIY guys and don't like to hire out, but when it comes to copywriting, unless you've done it for a while, you should get someone. I actually hired Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project for one of my sites and it was the best decision ever. They do offer some course you can take. I bought the Brandgasm 101 and it was extremely helpful.
    Shop of Moxie
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  • Matt Furey Has a course. Read every course you can and study emails in the niche you are writing for.

    Bring In More Cash For Your Business With High Caliber Copy

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