Does This Sound Like You?

by max5ty
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1. You're a copywriter that's read all the "top books" ever mentioned.

2. You've got just enough experience to sound like a "know it all".

3. You hang your whole career on a sales letter that did good a couple years ago.

4. You're full of ideas for every one elses sales letter.

5. You're living in a shack and driving a junker while claiming to be a copywriter...better yet, you're trying to sell a course on how to be great while you're still looking for work?

Seen so called "great" copywriters on here puffing up their name over some cheap internet site trying to drum up business. Doesn't matter if they've been sued a few times for false stuff. They still strut their stuff.

Listen guys and gals...real copywriters can sell their own products and make a fortune. It's not difficult. Read a couple of my past posts and I give you step by step instructions on how to do it.

It's sometimes frustrating to read some of the junk that goes on in this forum. Broke people trying to sound like they're doing good.

Always thought good copywriters had so much word of mouth they didn't need to advertise...hmmmm...wonder what's going on with some of this BS I read?

Find a product like I've said in previous posts...write a campaign...make some money and repeat. Don't sit around waiting on clients.

If you can write a winning sales letter...then do it for yourself...then if you've done good for yourself, approach me with an offer and real statistics. I may be interested in hiring you.

Have a great day.
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    Just because someone doesn't have their own products does not mean they aren't a good copywriter. I for one am happy to write for others and invest the profits for passive income.
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  • I blame the products.

    And the goofs who buy all that shit.

    Pitch me when you have something interesting to offer, and maybe I'll spin some words to help y'all along.

    Uhm, yeah — so that sounds like me.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Or you're a corporate stiff, like me.

    Aspiring copywriters: if you need 1:1 advice from an experienced copy chief, head over to my Phone a Friend page.

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      I live in a shack by choice.

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        I live on a boat, which is like a shack but with the possibility of sinking.
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    @JohnRussell - Keep on keeping on

    @Princess Balestra - You seem like you have a lot of creativity...I like that...just make sure you're able to tone it down a bit so others can relate to what you're saying.

    @angiecollee - You don't seem too stiff to're always full of good info.

    @NickN - I respect your choice.

    @StingGB - Don't spill your beer when the waves kick up.

    @seven4 - Yes, it's all about earning money.
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    This sounds like a lot of people! But the cool thing is that they haven't given up on their vision yet. I think we all were at this point at one time in our careers until we fully came into our own. Just keep pushing until you breakthrough right??
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  • hey @max5ty, you may be right there.

    I read a quote somewhere saying how those most in need of restraint are also the most resistant to it.

    Think it was Madonna. Or maybe Putin.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I'm fine with getting 10% from sales - by working with amazing people (on top of doing my own products.)

    Five words:

    Multiple Streams of Passive Income


    Do you want a 9 figure copywriter and biz owner to Write With You? I'll work with you, on zoom, to help write your copy or client copy... while you learn from one of the few copywriters to legit hit 9 figures in gross sales! Discover More

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  • One of the many things that impresses me about good clients…is

    The sheer effort, hard work and persistence it takes to create a great product or service.

    They really don't want us spending months, years or whatever making any more "stuff" (no matter how wonderful it may be).

    They need the words to make their wonderful "stuff" sell.

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  • Hi max5ty

    I do not care to have my product, I care to increase the earning passive income.

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      Originally Posted by Ilenia Internet Marketer View Post

      Hi max5ty

      I do not care to have my product, I care to increase the earning passive income.
      Yeah, that's pretty much the goal.

      I'm not talking about going out and finding someone to do injection molding for your latest invention.

      There's fulfillment houses that store products, have people that handle them, ship them and handle returns, etc. Sounds pretty passive to me.

      I know some will say it sounds like being an affiliate...but no, not exactly.

      Those that want you to be an affiliate are expecting you to sell to your list, not start a cold website and sell their product. Besides, online products that use affilitates...

      google the product and you'll have hundreds of pages with the same stuff...a real rat race.

      Also, consider this...

      Walmart doesn't have plants that manufacture the stuff they sell. They purchase the stuff they sell from manufacturers. That's the concept I'm offering. Except you no doubt won't build a super gigantic storefront to sell your products, but you can sell a million products yourself.

      My post was written while I heard the usual whine going through my brain from people who didn't know how to find customers to write for. Write for yourself.

      Of course what most of those looking for first time clients are wanting is someone that can come up some money they can use to practice with.

      Now, having said all that...I would highly recommend someone that for some unknown reason doesn't want to be their own initial client and make real money, to have an extablished copywriter mentor them. Usually the copywriter you work for will send you your first customers and help get you established. It's the second best way to get clients.

      Enjoy your weekend.
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    Have to disagree in a way. The so called 'fake it till you make it' bluff is one of the most effective manipulations marketers use.

    Nobody listens to the 'new' guy when they already have the pros of the scene dishing out free content all the time. You have to do something to make yourself stand out.
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    I am doing the copywrite thing because i need the money, to start something else in the future
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    No matter how you write, there came such clients in every copywriter's life with such requirements that you really swallow your tears and shout inwardly "how the hell am I supposed to write like this"

    once a client asked me to use a very long tail keyword around 10 times in a 500 words article. I was like really??

    But some are very sweet and appreciate a lot

    What's you guys experience?
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