Anybody Know What This Sales Page's Headline Font Is??

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So I clicked on a Warrior Forum banner and I came across a sales page that I really liked the look of. (click the text to see the link).

There are many things I really like about this page:

1. As mentioned, the headline font.

2. The positioning of the testimonials on the side so they don't interfere with the flow of the copy.

3. The "clean" text formatting that doesn't have too much bolding, underlining, red text etc (so many sales pages go way overboard with that kind of thing).

4. The way the pictures are presented in frames.

5. The copy itself of is also pretty good IMO though perhaps a bit overkill for the offer.

I'd be really interested to see who wrote this because it strikes me as almost everything a web sales copy should be, especially in terms of formatting but also the copy itself.

Also, does anybody know what the font being used on this site's headline is?

It's very similar to the font The Verge uses for their headlines but not exactly the same.
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