Rather have Cheaper Content? Or Higher Quality?

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Hello Guys,

We are wanting to do a bit of a focus type group here. We are in the process of re-branding our Digital Marketing agency and we are looking to overall our "Content Writing" services.

So, we are wanting to ask the following question and get some feedback. For your participation in this focus group, we will be happy to give you a 10% Discount on our content once we get it relaunched.

1. Would you prefer cheaper content (say $0.0175 per word), all American content, but hasn't passed through an editor, so may contain a couple errors that need to be readjusted (no misspellings or anything, just maybe vocabulary, etc).


2. Would you prefer to pay a bit more (say $0.025 or $0.03 per word), all American content, that has went through a high quality American editor/proofreader and is high quality, 100% error free.

Each of these have their own benefits (cheaper prices on option 1, 100% hands free and no involvement in option 2), so we are curious which one business owners and entrepreneurs would rather have.

Thanks again for your feedback and again, for your participation in this focus group, we will provide 10% off coupons off ANY of our content services.
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    FWIW, $0.025 or $0.03 per word isn't expensive at all, and savvy marketers will still consider content at that price as cheap.
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    It depends what I'm looking for. For "filller" articles I'm happy with cheap content that needs editing. For product reviews I'd pay a bit more to ensure they are well polished and researched.
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  • Thanks guys so much for the feedback so far. We really appreciate it.
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  • Could we get anymore feedback on this topic please? I am really looking to get as much feedback as possible from a variety of different sources honestly.
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    You might get more answers in the main discussion group. You're probably talking about content such as eBooks and articles which are not considered copywriting.

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      Originally Posted by Rose Anderson View Post

      You might get more answers in the main discussion group. You're probably talking about content such as eBooks and articles which are not considered copywriting.

      Agree. This is the wrong place to ask this question. Most of the people
      here are producers and not consumers for content. Plus, this section is
      about copywriting, not the kind of content you are asking about.

      -Ray Edwards
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    I like to write content myself so it is a bit of a hypothetical question where I am concerned, however I would not buy content that had not been checked and edited as you may as well write it yourself by the time you have sifted through it, so it would be the higher quality content for me every time.
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    $0.025 to $0.03 per word is incredibly low. Some mill sites pay higher than that. To say those rates are "higher quality" is insulting.

    I would highly suggest taking that money and re-investing it into your own website copy, which has countless grammatical and syntax errors on every page. Not a good look for an agency pushing "high-quality" content writing services.
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    I encourage you to write the highest quality articles you can.

    I can easily see serious professional bloggers paying $100 and more for a 1000-word article. All day long.

    PS: To prove my point: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2015/07/30...0-per-article/

    But there's way more.
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  • I wouldn't advertise errors. That shouldn't even be an option. Get a set of different options. Don't even start a business if you cant pay an editor and you think you cant command the fees you need. Work on solid stature and solid beliefs.

    You are living inside a box where its ok to not give high quality results. And you are encouraging people to make the same mistake by putting out low quality.

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    A content full of errors!! No way!

    I myself have a problem with grammatical errors containing sentences. I am not saying my English is great but still..so I would prefer edited and perfect content
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    It is more preferable to go for readily edited contents rather than those filled with errors; since anyone can write contents with errors, then what is the need for buying such contents. Secondly, it is not even good for your business as a writer.
    So better to promote readily edited contents on your website.

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    high quality or at least artistic and thoughtful rather than outsourced. and if I here a company mention the word article spin these days, it's always a no go. Personally I'd say articles at $20 are a decent price point. By word can be difficult to calculate and it's good to have flexibility.
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