Whats Your Sex Life Have To Do With Your Online Business? Turns Out, A Lot!

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I just got done looking at the sales I have generated online since 1998, and it's well into eight figures. (a little over $16million to be exact, mostly in the stock market and forex niche, but some in Internet Marketing, dating and Real Estate as well)

In that time I have have come to be of the opinion that your story and your offer are the top things that are going to effect your sales. You can have everything else in place, but if you screw up the story or the offer, you wasted your time.

I'm going to focus on the offer, and I'll use an example from my personal life.

I was diagnosed with lymphoma and although the lymphoma itself did not cause me a lot of problems, I had a lot of complications from it. During that time that I was sick I met a girl and she was pretty cool. It was actually really cool because I thought I was dying anyway, so I didn't feel like I had to play any type of games, I could just be myself because nothing was ever going to happen anyway. The doctors had told me I was going to die, and I was not going to put anyone in the situation of being in a relationship with me, and having that attatchment etc. Anyway, it was really cool though because she thought most of my jokes where funny, and she gave me just as much **** as I gave her.

Anyway, when my health situation cleared up I worked up the courage to ask her on a date. It took me about 3 or 4 weeks of mini panic attacks, but I finally asked her to go bungy jumping with me.

Well, there was a huge problem with this. You see, I thought bungy jumping would be great because both of us are scared to death of heighths. I mean, I don't even like sitting in the window seat of an airplane, but I hate that. I went through so much with my illness, that I am determined to face life head on and overcome all of my fears. So, my thought was, well this would be cool cos I can ask her to go bungy jumping with me, and since she thinks I'm a cool guy she will say yes,then I'll be forced to do it.

Well, the problem is she's scared of heighths, like scared to death of heights. So, her reply to me was basically along the lines of "When they are making snowballs in hell". Now, because I'm a guy and we are not always the smartest creatures on earth, I took this as a total rejection of spending any time with me. I really felt terrible, in fact this was the first time I'd ever asked a girl being serious and really caring what she said...so to say I felt horrible would be an understatement.

Then I was talking to her a few days later and I was really confused, because we'd flurt and she was still laughing at even the stupid stuff I said. Thats when the lightbuld went off, and I was like..it was not me she said no too, it was the offer. I offered her pain, something she is scared to death of, it was a horrible offer. We'd spent all of this time building a friendship and something of a connection, and I almost totally blew it with the single most horrible offer in the history of offers.

So here is the take away to all of you who are trying to sell stuf: You can invest a lot of time, effort and emotional energy into building up a relationship with your prospects: They might even find you charming, to the point of even laughing at your dumb jokes, but if you screw up the offer, your not going to close the deal.

If you build up a good relationship with your prospects, if your survey's and communications suggest that they should be buyers, but they end up not buying from you, you need to look HARD at your offer. Take it down and come up with a better one, because the odds are good that your offer sucks, and that's why they are not buying from you.
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    I love to do my email copy this way, like build up to a climax of a story, and then leave it hanging "till next time". Then in the next email, you give them the end of the story you started, and start another one, again leaving it hanging...

    So the girl. I did get her, and it's been really one of the best relationships ever for me. Like I said in the article, I met her and was able to not care about anything but being myself because I was supposed to be dying. So, it's really the first time I've opened up with a person, the first time I've allowed myself to fully trust a woman. I also found that I become really interested in her.

    When I was in the hospital for half a year in isolation, I was two hours from my family and I was only allowed to have visitors for 10 minutes. So, I did not have too many visitors, except her. She would come down at least once a week, sometimes two and three times a week.

    Here is how stupid I am: I Just thought she was the nicest girl in the world, like she had all the time in the world. She's a dentist, and she was spending all this friggin time on me, and I'm just like..oh wow she must really feel sorry for me.

    So slowly I did start to fall in love with her, but I was afraid in a lot of ways to say anything about it, because I was afraid that if she did not feel the same way, then how would I feel? Finally I decided that I had faced death and won, and I did not want to have any regrets in my life...so I asked her to jump off a bridge with me! (kind of like taking the leap you know!)

    When I asked her on a "proper" date she started to cry. I'm again stupid, because I almost passed out thinking "Oh no, she really doesn't like me", but she was crying because she was so happy. According to a number of her friends, for a long time she'd been feeling very bad that I'd not asked her out, and she could not figure it out. She had put a lot of time and energy into me, and I'm normally a very confident person, so she figured id I liked her, then I'd say something right?

    In any case, this has been till now the relationship that I'd wanted all of my life. It actually in some ways makes the pain of the cancer and infections I had worth having gone through.

    Here is a random thought I had today, and it was as I was thinking about this whole thing:

    I've come to realize that I've been successful in business because I'm not afraid to fail. I'm not afraid to look foolish, I'm not afraid to lay everything on the table, to put it all out and get hurt. The same things I've been willing to do in business, I've been unwilling to do in love, and so is it any wonder I've been successful in one and sucked at the other?

    I'm thrilled to be changing that, and hopefully I'll have the success in love now that I have enjoyed in business.

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        What's the Gretzky saying "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take"? Turns out it doesn't really matter whether you're talking about money getting, honey getting or wot-ever-u-want gettin', it's the same deal.

        One of the best posts and lessons I've seen on the WF ever and I've seen some good ones!

        ...you managed to squeeze in sex, money, danger, mystery, drama and a life lesson - wicked.

        Thanks for sharing.
        Scary good...
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    So when you going to take the real plunge? Whens the date and are we all invited? Time to dust off the tux. Before you say no just think of the gift registry possibilities not to mention the opt ins.
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    I don't know on the plunge, I really do trust her as much as I can trust someone right now, but like WordPro, I've been hurt badly.
    My ex, who I thought loved me, told me that she only stayed with me for money..and I also grew up totally with out it, and so when I started to have it, a lot of my family relationships changed.
    One thing with the girl I have now, is that I became very poor. I'd divorced and split my assets in half, then my insurance ran out when I had cancer. She was with me when I was flat broke, to the point of even having to move back in with my mom and dad to the house that I bougth for them.
    Still have some issues though, but it's getting better, and I do hope that this turns into a lot more, but only time will know that one for sure.
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    i fail to see in your story anything about your sex life. If your talking about your dating life, i see that all day. But nothing about your sex life like your title implied. The two are very different.

    Great story though nonetheless.
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      Originally Posted by dageniusmarketer View Post

      i fail to see in your story anything about your sex life. If your talking about your dating life, i see that all day. But nothing about your sex life like your title implied.
      You are in the copywriting forum. Lodge that under compelling headlines
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    Well in this case, with this particular girl, I wouldn't be gettin any if i wasnt dating her...so it has a lot to do with my sex life ;-)
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    Indeed. Touché
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