Latest cliches in copy?

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"We're passionate about"... is becoming a cliche, I think. Too many commercials, ads, websites etc. use the phrase, followed by some touchy-feely nonsense they're supposedly passionate about, besides making a profit, of course.

Another phrase (or rather word) that's becoming cliche is "amazing"... I watched one fitness product infomercial recently, and it used the word so much it almost seemed like a parody... Damn near all the testimonials, and half the copy used that word, over and over -- everyone claimed to now look and feel "amazing"...

Could be they were just reflecting the words their target market uses, which is smart, but the effect was still comical...

Any others you guys noticing?
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    "What's the best article spinner?"

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      You could check out Copy Power Pro.

      It's like a 'thesaurus' for people who write any sort of sales copy
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    "Amazing" is definitely overused. I still use it - but selectively.

    Even worse, in my opinion, is that the infomercial repeated it so much that you're focusing on "why the hell do they keep saying "Amazing"?" rather than the pitch!
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  • AWESOME is old as the hills, but people still use it.

    AWESOME is when the breath of mile high alien invaders blows over skyscrapers and fries jets — and your internal organs drop outta your fanjo.


    * A new yogurt flavor.
    * The perfect way to housetrain your cat.
    * Anti-aging cream (no matter how sexy the 'applicator').
    * Any 'team' in any major corporation.
    * Apps, comms, IT, tech.
    * Anything endorsed by Samuel L. Jackson.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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