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Hi, everyone!

In my usual rounds at the Alternative Cryptocurrency Discussion board at Bitcointalk, I found this thread that was started by someone who seems to have had copywriting training. It stuck out for that reason.

The alternative cryptocurrency he's promoting is called "Orbitcoin." Whoever this poster is, he hit upon the neat idea of promoting Orbitcoin as a ten-year hold. Here's his thread:

"<a href="" target="_blank">Self employed open source retirement fund, retire in only 10 years!"

I'd appreciate it if you could critique that post. If you have any questions about cryptocurrency, just ask and I'll answer as best I can. Thanks.
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    I would personally capitalize on all those folks who missed the BT gold rush. They've kicked themselves for not buying low and selling high. The system itself is very similar to what some digital MLMs promoted a few years ago.

    So as far as I see it, there are two scenarios here. Since the traffic is ultra-targeted thanks to the medium:
    1) Some folks can see through the logical flaws and will not touch this.
    2) Beginners, if he can tap into their pains for not taking advantage of this the first time may be at least intrigued about the option.
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