Help! New copywriter looking for work, direction and suggestions

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Hey everybody,
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and offer advice... it seriously means a lot to me. Just like the title says, I know I need to start, but I don't know exactly where to start. I'm kinda going through "paralysis by analysis" and just want a second opinion from those of you who've done this before.
Here are a list of things I'm thinking about doing:
  • post on different business subreddits, offer copy in exchange for a testimonial, permission to use the work in my portfolio and allow client to pick a percentage or flat-rate to pay me if the ad is successful
  • same as the above but for Craigslist
  • start selling web copy gigs on Fiverr
  • apply for jobs on Upwork (formerly oDesk)
What suggestions or alternatives would you make? Is there anything I've missed? Should I try to make money right away from this or should I offer free projects for a little while? If any of these are total garbage ideas, please save me from myself! Thanks for any suggestions you have!

So, I forgot to mention this above, but here's my copywriting background: for the last two months, I've been self-educating through blogs, recommended copywriting books and Warrior Forum. I've hand-copied a bunch of famous sales ads and created mock product ads, but I feel like I'm going to gain way more, at this point, if I just take projects as well as continue my self-education.
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    Start here:

    Scroll down to the posts on how to get started. Pick something that resonates with you. Try it, and fail or fly. Whether you fail or you fly, FIGURE OUT WHY. Tweak and adjust until it works.

    Sell it as a service to anyone else needing it now that you've figured it out.

    Aspiring copywriters: if you need 1:1 advice from an experienced copy chief, head over to my Phone a Friend page.

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    When you are just starting out you are always fearful that you are not
    good enough to demand money from clients. Well. what about writing
    for yourself first? Get an ebook written or write one yourself and
    write a sales letter and try to sell that. In this way you find out what
    works and you build CONFIDENCE at the same time (not to
    mention income.)

    If you are going to write for free, then be your own client.

    -Ray Edwards
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      I think you can post some articles on forums or blogs to increase your fame, and then someone who want to look for copywriter will contact you.

      Enjoy life, Enjoy free!

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    Take a look at businesses around you that may be in need of your services.

    See if they're actively spending money on advertising.

    Take a look at their marketing material, and see what you could do to improve it.

    For example, if local business 1 has a website with bad copy promoting their service, see what you can do to make their copy slightly better.

    Then pick up the phone, call the business owner, suggest the changes you'd recommend them do...and then tell them you've gone ahead and prepared something they could take a look at.

    Schedule a meeting. Have the draft sales copy(suggestions) ready. Walk them through a couple of scenarios where your work will help them. Make them see the benefit of having your service.

    Then give them an offer they can't refuse.

    - TJoseph
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