Should I Be A j-ERK In My Copy?

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Man, Dude.

I got an eMail from a guy I'll refer to as "Pappy" and I guess his team is sick of the B.S. or something (?)

I wonder if it's a good idea to use insulting tones in copy when you're preparing to ask for credit card information and charge over $997 for a box of talking heads.

Then they're bringing in a couple clean cut guys who've generated, wait for it, wait... a MILLION DOLLARS! and I'm going to sit and listen to them yak on a phone line, for hours? don't think I can do it.

Save your time and money copywriters. I don't want your time, money, praise or anything. I'm just a digital savior pseudo-troll with a big, big heart and a lot to be thankful for.
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    I think you should. Being a jerk is clearly what you are good at.
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