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Hi everyone,

I am curious to know how you would respond. in this situation

A potential customer seized on one bullet point in a sales page I wrote for a new course, and she wants to know what exactly is behind the bullet point.

Now what's supposed to happen here is that she's supposed to sign up in order to find out what exactly the bullet point corresponds to. That's why we write bullets, yes?

For example, let's say the bullet point was "7 ways to promote your competence without bragging." (It's actually something else - this is just to give you the idea.) She is asking me what the 7 ways are, because if they're all stuff she already knows, then she doesn't want to take the course.

I do feel she's being unfair in her question, to the point where I'm not sure I want this kind of customer, yet I don't feel comfortable saying, "Sign up for the course and then you'll find out." If I were to answer her question directly and in the detail she is asking for, I would be giving away a major content element.

How would you respond?

Marcia Yudkin
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    Tell her that she would find out from your product and if she is
    not satisfied with the answer then she is protected by the
    guarantee. No way I would satisfy that curiosity otherwise,
    EXCEPT that is just a small part of the entire package.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I would probably just ignore it, honestly.

    If you get two or three or more people asking the same thing, then I'd take notice.

    One is just a potential freebie-seeker and troublemaker (do you really want to sell this thing to this person? when they're probably going to refund/complain/leave a bad review?)

    Several people wanting to know about the same thing...now we have something!

    If the price point is under, say, $100, and you are pretty sure their interest is only in this one thing...I wouldn't bother.
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      Is there anything wrong in having a conversation about it with her Marcia?

      You can do it without revealing the answer to her question.

      Example: "Mary, that's vary interesting you bring up that point,
      I'm curious, why is this so important to you right now?"

      It's about helping her buy.

      Doctor E. Vile
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    Years ago when I had Cable TV I didn't get to watch the cable channels without getting a bill.
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    You may want to find out how to reply to her without revealing your techniques. Because there might be other customers with similar queries. back up your answers with guarantees and testimonials. Lure her with results she is anticipating to get through your product. You don't want to leave any deal on the table.
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  • Has she bought anything from you before?

    If so she could be all set to buy again.

    If she's been on your list for a while chances are she could be a good customer.

    Best not to make any hasty judgements.

    I would do as others suggested and "answer" her questions - no great harm in giving away one priceless piece of info - but then be enticingly ambiguous about the rest.

    Just be honest and say - the complete answers (and she'll be thrilled when she discovers them) are available on the course.

    Diplomatically explain - You can't give them away because that wouldn't be fair on the many people who have bought the course.

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        No offense meant, but I can't imagine you laughing.
        Seriously, that got me laughing out loud. Thank you.

        By the way, I ended up discouraging her from taking the course.

        Marcia Yudkin
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