A slick trading pitch

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I've never seen a pitch for a trading product, or any product for that matter, quite as slick as this one before.


Disguised as a news item, it's absolute bullsh*t of course, but I bet (no pun intended) many people fall for it.

It linked from an online news item in The Sun too, which is the UK's biggest selling newspaper.

I suspect this format will be the way forward for the shadier elements of the industry going forward.

So, why did I post it?

I’ve been putting together copy and selling my own products since the 1980s. Anything that makes me think twice, I consider worthy of note.

Production wise, this presentation is up there with national TV. I think it knocks the socks off anything the online sales industry today considers to be cutting edge.

And that’s what we are here for isn‘t it guys, thinking of more effective ways to put together packages that sell stuff?

Something good can always be taken from the bad.

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