The forgotten appeal of pictures to sell your product/service

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Most people ignore the power of pictures on their sales messages these days. I even had one top marketer say to me not so long ago...that pictures are not important because direct mail does not use pictures.


Pictures have the power to generate curiosity and capture attention like any headline does.
...even more actually.

We think and dream in pictures and make pictures in our minds all day.
Top Dogs in advertising like Ogilvy realized this and used his pictures to inject that 'story appeal' element people love into most of his ads.

You can use pictures on sales letters to tell a quick story or convey your journey in a captivating unique way.

the bottom line is...

people love pictures and will respond to them.
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    True -- pics can add a lot. But you gotta pick them strategically. Fwiw, here's claude hopkins on pictures:

    "In mail order advertising the pictures are always to the point.
    They are salesmen in themselves. They earn space they occupy. The
    size is gauged by their importance. The picture of a dress one is
    trying to sell may occupy much space. Less important things get
    smaller spaces. Pictures in ordinary advertising may teach little. They
    probably result in whims. But pictures in mail order advertising may
    form half the cost of selling. And you may be sure that everything
    about them has been decided by many comparative tests. Before you
    use useless pictures, merely to decorate or interest, look over some
    mail order ads. Mark what their verdict is.

    "A man advertised an incubator to be sold by mail. Type ads with
    right headlines brought excellent returns. But he conceived the idea
    that a striking picture would increase those returns. So he increased
    his space 50 percent to add a row of chickens in silhouette. It did
    make a striking ad, but his cost per reply was increased by exactly that
    50 percent. The new ad, costing one-half more for every insertion,
    brought not one added sale. The man learned that incubator buyers
    were practical people. They were looking for attractive offers, not for
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