Are you a article writer? Where you work?

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Are you a good writer? Where you work? There are various ways to write article and post them. You can be a freelancer too by writing articles. You have to just join any marketplace and start writing.
I will show you some options.

HubsPot: You can start writing on hubspot. They pay to their writers using google adsence. So if you have a adsence account, You can earn from there.

Write on Ezine: Ezine articles provides the way to get traffics from their website. But your article should be professional and good.

Write of freelance markets: You can write on feelance marketplaces to earn money as a writer.

Write on own blog: You can start writing on your own blog too.

This is the ideas to be a great article writer.
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    Dear WF admins,

    Please create a dedicated forum for content marketing / article writing. At this rate, there will be more topics about article writing than about copywriting.

    Article writing is NOT copywriting. There are some forms of sales articles (John Carlton is rather good at these) but I'm kind of reticent that you are talking about these.

    Had my rant, now going on with my life.

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    Its a good suggestion.
    But I'm working for clients and got clients from Upwork.
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  • Oh, my article should be "professional and good."

    I now have a richer, fuller understanding of copywriting.
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