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So on Sunday a famous Radio Presenter died in the UK. He had been around since the 1960's and was still going 2 months ago. Terry Wogan was his name.

Steve the Copywriter and Andrew Gould would probably be the only ones to know who he was.

He had the largest Radio audience for his breakfast programme, 9 million listeners (about 1 in 4 UK adults)

When asked what it felt like to have 9 million listeners he said:

'I don't have 9 million listeners. I have only 1. And he is only half listening at that.'

Sounds familiar right?

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    Nice quote, Jimbo.

    I grew up with Terry, first on the TV and then on the radio.

    I think if he were a copywriter and his radio show a daily email, he'd be regarded as one of the all-time greats.

    He attracted a massive audience with gentle humour, stories, and a lighthearted, occasionally mocking look at current events and the week's TV.

    Proof that you don't always need to be outrageous or provocative to gain a following.

    Andrew Gould

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