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Is copying out high performing ads by hand a waste of time for a new copywriter?

Only if you're doing it how I did when I started - With no structure or purpose.

Just writing them out because Gary Halbert said it would help.

But the truth is, copying out an ad is only a small piece of the learning process.

Here are some guidelines I recommend to any new copywriter writing out ads that have helped me improve:

-Read at least 2 basic copywriting books to discover the basic fundamentals so that you will be able to at least identify when you come across them. This will allow you to not only identify the elements, but actually learn how they are applied effectively.

- Choose 1 of your favorite copywriters, whose style resonates with you and copy their successful ads. I personally do not recommend copying many different copywriters whose styles are drastically different. This may confuse you.

- Before you begin to write out an ad, read the whole thing and roughly identify: the market it is for, any persuasive elements that are apparent to you from the beginning, the headline choice, etc.

- After you write out the ad, note any "new" factors you identified throughout. You will be pleased to find that as you are slowly writing out the ad, the smallest details will reveal their true purpose within the ad.

-Don't only focus on structure, or things like using the word "this" in the headline to create curiousity. Analyze the copywriters strategy.
Why did they choose this angle?
How did they appeal to their markets desires?
How did they build trust and rapport throughout?
What is their unique selling proposition?
How did they create value, or at least the perception of value?

Bonus: This may seem overkill for some, but why stop with copying an ad? I would recommend that once you have copied an ad, try to rewrite it. Find another product and write a sales page for it.

Writing in your own words is still very important.

The great copywriters did not simply copy winning ads by hand. They ALSO wrote their own stuff and continued to improve and develop their style and voice. That is a big piece of the puzzle.
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