Where Do You Get Support on This Forum?

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I paid $20 a few hours ago to post the thread below
in the "Warriors for Hire" section (the money has
come out of my PayPal account).

But the thread doesn't show up in the threads

When I tried to login to the Freelancer.com support
page, it wouldn't accept my login details!

Tried to get a new password, but have received no
password-reset email.

"Free" in the sense that you pay me no money.

All you give me are (1) the RESULTS you get
from the email I write for you, after you send
it to your list, and (2) a TESTIMONIAL.

You gain a valuable FREE email that gets you
more leads/sales - which you can tweak and
resend to get even more leads/sales.

I get proof that my emails produce results.

Only 5 free emails available.

Send me a private message today and let's
arrange a time to talk on Skype about your

(No doubt they'll delete this post shortly...)
#forum #support

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