Email Autoresponder copywriter Required(Ghost Writer) [30+ emails]

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I need a good email copywriter to write an email series.

Niches: bad credit repair
and Government grants

I Need an email autorespnder series written for either of them, but the series is not a short one, but quite big- about 30+ emails.

Have you had experience in writing email autoresponders for the bad credit repair + Government grants field? or the financial field?

Can you do this job, or recommend anybody ?
Not looking for Sky rocketing prices!

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    So, you want someone to write a series of 30+ emails in two different niches on the cheap?

    You can get a cheap copywriter, or you can get a good copywriter. Very rarely are you going to get both in the same person.
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  • Agreed - you don't have to state your exact budget, but a ballpark would get you better responses - especially if "not skyrocketing" is more than some of us are assuming! (You would be surprised at some of the requests we've seen here!)
    Take your product from idea to profit in less than 90 days! Work with me to develop and implement a step-by-step plan for success!
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    Why don't you just sign up for your competitors auto responders, then modify them and make them better...

    I have entire swipe files from the greats like kern, carlton, pagan.....

    Nobody is really going to do much better than those dudes, so get on their series.
    If Copywriting Legends Like John Carlton, Gary Halbert and Even Franky Kern Recommend

    >>>> This <<<<

    Shouldn't You Pay Attention
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