I found a fun tool to practice concise, punchy writing

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Hey guys, I saw this posted on another forum and figured I'd share.

I know one of the biggest challenges for new writers (and some experienced writers) is writing concisely. In my current position, I train and edit and few newbies, and I'd been looking for something like this to help teach concision.

You rewrite sentences for concision, aiming for the fewest words possible, and seeing how you compare with others.

Here it is:

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    Really helpful tool for revising and editing.
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    Wait, so you rewrite and compare. Right?! Have you tried to sign up? Are all of these courses repetitive, or the text changes every time you check? Thx.
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      Looks great.

      You can just click on the links and play now Nesha to check it out - you don't seem to need an account to start checking it out and having a go.

      Anything else like this please share - I love this sort of stuff.
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    Hey folks, Steve here. I created Write On Par. Benjamin, thanks for posting it!

    I'm glad you all are finding it helpful. I just added accounts to track your scores over time, and I'm going to be pushing another huge update soon with leaderboards!

    Happy to answer questions + receive feedback.
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