Does the Quality Content Still Matter?

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Of course, it does. Seriously? Somehow, I don't have this impression. It seems that content marketing has to settle for the sidekick role. Content marketing has become just one more piece of the gigantic Internet marketing puzzle. It all begins and ends with the eye-catching and memorable words. Yet, there's a simple test to prove this brave claim all wrong. What are the chances for the out-of-this-world content to survive in the cyber-jungle on its own? Who will notice it, in the first place? We have an industrial production of the millions and millions of words on a daily basis. Without the promotion machinery to back you up, you're just going to waste your keyboard, nothing more.

Look Who's Talking Now, That Has To Be A Copywriter!

Every now and then, I stumble upon those delicious and too-good-to-be-true self-promoting statements, such as let's discover together the true power of content marketing, or let me show you what a top-class content can do for your plans. When you put it like this, it really sounds irresistible. However, my point is that content marketing entirely on its own simply can't do a lot. Or, in other words, your words are marines who desperately need the support of tanks, ships and airplanes to succeed. Otherwise, they'll end up as cannon fodder, sooner or later. The same will happen to my or your content without the support of other Internet marketing tools. So, what's the big deal? This is reality and I have to accept it, unconditionally.

I would like to hear a story, a true one if possible, about a real-marketing-life where a remarkable piece of content changed the odds and improve the chances. Nowadays, you can hire Shakespeare, not sure this is a proper choice, to write you content for your email marketing campaign. There's no way I'm going to fall for that email, neither will my colleagues and friends. You can write a rock-star-blog where every single word is worth the Nobel Prize for literature, and what? Who is going to read and who is going to share it? I remember one anecdote, which has become more of an inside joke among copywriters. So, there's a client ordering some content to be written. Understandably, a copywriter wants to know more in order to deliver expected results. Yet, the answer is painfully simple. Oh, just give me something to fill in the dummy text pages.

AI / Bot Writers

I read somewhere that we're so close from the realistic scenario where computers/software/Artificial Intelligence or whatever is called will do all the writing job. Some app or option on Facebook (again I'm not quite sure and I'm too lazy to Google it) or somewhere else, where you put a few words, pay a few bucks, and what you get in return is a genuine article. It's like Me-Tarzan-You-Jane sentence structure, but it can be fixed.
Have I told you that I have a million dollar idea directly related to content marketing? I plan to contact those guys who're trying to invent these writing software solutions or apps. It's better to come up with an app, which will do a decent rewriting job. I mean, the whole Net has become one giant rewriting playground. There are so many "borrowers" that you can easily get lost. You want to find a truly genuine text online. Well, good luck with that. I guess this is the reason, why the originality has become such a luxury these days. The expectations are depressingly modest. Just give me something that can pass Copyscape and with no grammar/spelling errors and we're good to go.

Content Marketing Is (Not) the Game-Changer

My point is that Internet Marketing can both survive and succeed without Content Marketing, but Content Marketing just can't make it without Internet Marketing. OK, maybe this was too strong. Internet Marketing can do just fine with blah-blah content. Rest assured that I've seen and read it all just like you. There's no successful marketing campaign without the great content. This isn't true, you can achieve your goals with an average, but original content. In the very core of every SEO strategy is the outstanding content. Wrong again, based on my experience Google isn't a literary critic. You just have to make sure that you have an optimal length between, let's say 300 and 500 words per page/article/post, and the proper density. That's all that matters. Also, don't forget to give this "human touch" tone to your writing, whatever that is supposed to mean. If you are positive at each of these checkpoints, then you really don't have to worry about a thing. You just need a decently written content according to SEO rulebook that doesn't insult the readers' intelligence, and you're good to go.

Content Marketing is Alive, but is Only Side-Kicking

Again, I'm pretty much convinced that Internet marketing is the only superhero here. Content marketing can't lead the way. It's like a support tool. You call and use it, when you need it, but you don't build your entire strategy on words. As such, content marketing isn't an endangered species. However, for all of you who want to write a difference, there's only one place left. That's pure literature far away from the cyber-space.
The average content can touch the sky of popularity and online presence with the proper support of Internet marketing machinery. Yet, I'm not quite sure that an outstanding content can do the same on its own. I will write and my words will do the rest. They will find the readers, who will share and appreciate every single word I wrote. I'm like Fox Mulder. I really want to believe, but it's really hard with no solid piece of evidence. A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here's a newsflash. We need to do some inflation adjustments, which correspond to the brave new-cyber-world. A web-based picture is worth a million words.
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    Content is the king of any website only if you have a unique and readable. Always put a content which relates to your website and having related keywords in it.
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    Based on the title, I thought I was going to read something here about content but instead got a diatribe against content marketing. The two are separate things. Of course content matters. It has always mattered and always will. Content is the cornerstone of all SEO. It starts with perfect optimization and later leads to links. Without quality content, how are you ever going to get a link? If it isn't optimized correctly, that link isn't going to make much of a difference.

    I have never written a thing that I "marketed". I do not create content with the intention of marketing it; I create it with the intent to inform, to influence, to guide. If you honestly understand SEO and what it is that causes people to engage, to share, to buy, the rest will take care of itself. If every piece you create has an underlying intent of marketing it, it is almost always worthless - especially if you didn't know in advance who was going to automatically link to it (a.k.a. the "Skyscraper" technique).
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    People say content is the king now. Without better and unique content you might not be success. So for getting success in marketing you should use well versed content.
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    Some Points about Content are here
    provides first impression to your customers
    Helps to get better rank on the page of search engines
    You can easily turn your visitors into ideal customers
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    I can definitely say that unique and quality content is on the first place now. Panda and Penguin already had emphasized quality content as a deciding factor for ranking well.
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      So, I googled Park Ridge mortgage and the 1st spot is taken by this page: Park Ridge, IL - Mortgage Master

      It's a list of employees with contact info.


      Unique, yes: other lenders have employees with different names and phone numbers.

      I Googled lose belly fat men in a week
      and Google's number 1 choice is this video: .

      Really, the first tip for losing weight: do cardio (because cardio heightens metabolism and heightened metabolism is good for you). Number 2: do abdominal exercises. Number 3: interval training.

      Whose content is neither unique nor quality nor long (comes with an article that's a bit over 400 words + a long list of related keywords, so about 450-500 words).

      But definitely no quality, no uniqueness (except that, maybe, it passes copyscape).

      So, how are you so sure?

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      I can definitely say that unique and quality content is on the first place now. Panda and Penguin already had emphasized quality content as a deciding factor for ranking well.
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