Consistency is a Virtue, So Watch Your Language

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I just ran across the video on this page, from someone I don't know.

Boost Your Credibility With A Powerful Origin Story - How To Get More Clients

The title page of the video says "5 Minute Marketing Tip." But the time indicator on the video says "9:43."

This generated a host of thoughts, none of them positive, about this marketer:

  • He tends to run off at the mouth and doesn't realize it? He's created a series called "5 Minute Marketing Tip" and lets it go to almost 10 minutes.
  • He thinks words don't matter? Calling something a 5 minute tip and letting it go to almost 10 minutes is a huge inconsistency.
  • He branded himself with something he couldn't stick with. It seems that "5 Minute Marketing Tip" is the name of a series that he originally chose, after all.
What's interesting is that I came up with a lot of unflattering ideas about this guy even before I started the video and heard one word from his mouth.

The words you choose do have an impact. And what's ironic is that this expert seems to be teaching about improving your credibility, when the clash between the title appearing on the video and its length undercuts his credibility. And he appears not even to be aware of this inconsistency, which was so striking to me that I stopped everything else I was doing to think about it.

Marcia Yudkin
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    Originally Posted by marciayudkin View Post

    This generated a host of thoughts, none of them positive, about this marketer:
    Thanks Marcia,

    I didn't watch the video but I skimmed the transcript and I guess your pre-frame painted a picture of what I might expect from the author.

    Being bombarded with a pop-up or splash page on arrival came across as a bit aggressive.

    When I started reading about the super-powers and the comparison of Superman and Spiderman it made me think he plagiarised Dan Kennedy or at least took some concepts from content Dan talked about in regards to the affinity people have with flawed superheros.

    I'm sure Dan might have talked about the topic way before I first came across it but he published content very similar five years ago as part of his DNA game changer product and that would have referenced or been derived from an earlier live event of his.

    I'm not sure whether the reference was used earlier than that or re-interpreted by Kennedy but I got the feeling of borrowed content without even viewing the video.

    Best regards,

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    The 5-minute thing is the name of his YouTube channel, and people understand that the videos are of varying lengths.

    In my opinion, you're making a mountain out of a molehill.

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    Thanks for pointing out this video. I wasn't "offended" by the timing
    of the video vs. the title, but the information was great. Something
    that I know and have used but never thought about it as being a
    deliberate strategy as he explained it. 'Origin Story', I'm adding that
    one to my vocabulary.

    -Ray Edwards
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