Copywriting vs Fiction Writing: Commonalities?

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I study copywriting but also writing in general.

The challenges fiction writers face is sometimes very similar to those of copywriters.

Almost all writers need sources of guidance and inspiration.

The question is: Can tips for fiction writers help copywriters...And can copywriters help fiction writers?

I think so...Definitely.

Understanding what goes in to great fiction writing and what the most famous authors have to say about writing in general could potentially give you an edge in copywriting.

I included some quotes from fiction writers about the writing process.

Maybe you will agree.

Enjoy this mix of savvy quotes from writer's in both camps.
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  • I figure fiction depends on narrative, imagry an' persuasion -- same as movies, theatre, comics an' stuff.

    Dip your nose in here, an' there is a whole lotta cool gowin' on.

    Thing is, there is only so much you can do with a quotation, even good ones like somea the ones in the document.

    Prolly you hear sumthin' like "I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a grail" an' you walk around your apartment musin' on it an' feelin' all smart an inspired like you are levitatin' on wafer thin moleculesa angel fart -- but then what happens?

    Sit down to write an' it feels like you got sum friendly shrapnel in your head -- a lumpa spacecraft part fell offa the mothership an' nestled against your hippocampus.

    Lingers for a minute till it's subsoomed into your braino.

    Thing about a killer story as revealed in the artsier forms is how it lingers an' swirls beyond THE END, hookin' itself to sensible objects in the world an' other illusions you got spinnin' about the place.

    It is like you dissolve one versiona reality into another, an' cruise for hours or days in the ephemeral blend.

    So I guess what you are wantin' when you spin out sum

    Our sofa leather employs a Zero Adhesion System.
    Now the whole family can watch TV naked
    with no fear of Sticky Butt Syndrome

    is for the imagry to get up close with whatever is gowin' on in the minda the reader an' pull on their thoughts with a phantom tug.


    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    lmao. yes partially true but I found some really applicable quotes to copywriting. Writing is writing and granted everyone, no matter how experienced, or in what field has only a piece of the puzzle to true productivity and earnings. I'd rather sip a few of these quotes like a good distilled tequila than try to chug down bottles of information. Some of them are worthless and only give you a momentary muse...Others may contain some more serious truth based on 40 yrs + careers in writing as well as experience producing best sellers.
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    In actual fact, they’re very different. They both act as a cornerstone for the other; think of them as two different sides of the same coin, as although there are similarities in the two skill sets, there are also some clear differences, too.
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