Upgrade Prevention To Crisis Management - Works Way Better

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I had the whole thing planned out, perfectly.

Or so I thought until a minor oversight became a major problem.







Alright, let's get this show on the road.

We hit the beach, found a spot and claimed it our own for the next little while.

As we're setting to sprawl out on the blanket, we notice a dude come by touting he has ice cold water and...bug spray.

"Ice cold wadah!"

"Just one dollah"

"Cold wadah"

"Bug spray"

"Ice cold wadah"

"One dollah"

"Bug spray"

Of course, we've got our own water so we ignore him as he passes.

I lay back, relax close my eyes and...aaaah!


"WTF just happened?"

Something sharp just stung the ring toe of my left foot.

It's bleeding.

As I get up to inspect, I notice a few ******* flies on my other leg.



Little *******.

I've never been bit by a fly.



Bit again.

Then again.

These little ******* are drawing blood.

At that moment my lovely beach day outing with my honey turned into hell.

Where's that dude with the spray at.

As I search I see him way down the beach.


Alright, time to improvise.

We wrap ourselves in towels and try to just make do.

Again, start feeling pinches on the slightest areas that might be exposed and I think they're even biting through some of the thinner layers of clothing.

These little *******s just ruined my day.

Fun is no longer a thought that could possibly be entertained and I need to get outta here.

At this point, with no way to repel these little ******* from attacking, we decide it's probably best we leave and go somewhere else.

As we're packing up our shit, lo and behold, wouldn't you know who comes strolling through our camp again?

Yup...bug spray water dude.

"Hey man, how much for a bug spray thing?"

"$5 bucks"

"FIVE DOLLAHS? What? I thought you said...tsk (sucks teeth)...aight, whatever man, lemme get 2."

Of course I was gonna pay it.

That dude just saved the day.

I'd have probably paid a bit more, maybe.

I dunno, but I definitely needed whatever he was selling at that moment.


People will buy cures a lot more readily than they'll buy prevention.

There are stages to a lot of this stuff and at one end of the spectrum is the client doesn't know shit.

They're not even aware they need your copywriting.

Or if they do, they want it cheap and are thinking they can get it later...anywhere.



Warrior forum.


If worse comes to worse, **** it, they'll do it themselves.

Cause, you know, it's easy.

However, at the opposite end of that is crisis.

They need help.

They got that launch coming up or...

They're Facebook ads ain't converting so well, or...

They need to get that lead magnet finished.

That's where you want to catch'em.

As a seller of copywriting services, you probably want to have as many folks on that end of the spectrum as possible if you wanna reduce the time it takes to make a sale.

So, if you're selling prevention, make sure you have stuff in your marketing collateral that points out problems that they might not even be aware of.

Talk about things to look out for and warn them of bad things that could befall them if they don't have whatever the thing is that you're selling.

Future pace them the cure that they're not even aware they need...until you've started bringing that shit up in their mind.

Oh, and make sure you circle back if they pass you up the first time or two because when they actually do need your shit, you'll go from dipshit to hero in no time flat.

Be there when they need you...because you know what?

They'll eventually need you.

Just keep reminding them why and make frequent passes by.

Hope you found this useful and appreciate you telling me if you did or didn't.


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