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Hello Warriors, Some mentioned in another thread in this forum that they've used voice recognition software for dictation.

Do you have any tips on the best applications? Did you try a few before settling on one? The pros and cons of them? Thank you kindly - Greenie
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    The audiobook of A. Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' is just what you need.
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    Hi Greenie,

    Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 is great (the publisher is Nuance Software). I had, and did not like a prior version of DNS; however, v10 is just amazing. Yesterday, I transcribed several pages of notes about a new offer...the notes took me ~2 hours to craft...the dictation took about 5 minutes...I had to edit a few words...but it was fabulous.

    Hope this helps.

    Good hunting out there...PlaneWryter
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    Yep, Dragon Naturally Speaking is the de facto leader of voice recognition software out there. In fact, there are a ton of threads discussing how DNS is being used down here.

    A simple search will yield you all the additional info you need on DNS and how it's being used by the Warriors here (mostly for article writing. And can be used for crafting emails...sales copy even...) DNS is a great time saver. That without a shadow of a doubt!

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    o.k., thanks... I've always wanted to be able to converse with dragons in their native tongue. -{ :?)
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  • I use Dragon 9. I think I will eventually upgrade to 10. As you use it, however, make sure you proofread your article or content piece. Sometimes the words come out a little confusing. Proofreading will catch the few errors, though. At least that's the way it works best for me.

    Got my the least expensive on Amazon.
    Astounding Writing Coach
    Why do personal development, self-help, natural wellness and hypnosis small business owners regularly hire me for my engaging, intuitive, creative content writing skills? Because that's what I passionately do best.
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    Thank you, astounding one. Yes, I would expect that proof-reading would be necessary, hopefully not a lot though.
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    On the mac i use MacSpeech Dictate. Awesome program!
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      Thanks, I don't have a Mac now but Windows does get annoying.

      Anyone have any thoughts on the various editions of Nuance Dragon:
      Standard vs. Preferred vs. Professional ??
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    Dragon Naturally Speaking is the way to go. It works VERY well ...

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