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Hey hey, copy freaks....

How's your business going?

Did you get anything done today that's moved the needle...even just a little?

Did you remove a little ignorance from your life, today?

Have you done anything at all to improve your physical well being?

Are you getting your shit done or are you just looking for the duct tape quick fix?

In his WONDERFUL book, "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big" Scott Adams explains his take on how systems beat goals and that once you decide to win, not merely want, you then start winning.

I've shared his ENTIRE chapter 9 here in the pic for you to hopefully read it for yourself in his own words.

You may have noticed (or maybe not, I dunno), but I've been posting here (and other places) just about every day.

I really and truly hope you've gotten some value out of my long ass rants.

I hope they've been useful to you.

I hope they help, even if in just some small way.

For some, that I've annoyed the shit out of...

Sorry, but not sorry.

Sorry because I really don't strive to offend, but I've already come to accept that I won't please everyone.

I can't.

So, I don't concern myself (so much) with that.

I'm not sorry because everyday...every single day, I strive to add value to the world.

Every day, I try to remove just a little bit of ignorance from my own life.

Every single day I try to make a worthwhile connection with others that I believe are worth me connecting with.

Every day I do a little bit to, hopefully, help me out health wise.

I strive to strengthen my mind, strengthen my resilience, add value and make monies.

I suppose that's getting into some broader philosophical stuff, so let me try to narrow things down a bit.

Let's keep this one about your copy business.

If your business isn't growing it's because you're not doing what you need to do.

That means you're not putting out valuable content.

You're probably not helping others, while simultaneously reinforcing your own continued usefulness.

You're not connecting.

Your solution....stoke and solve problems...every day.

Stoke and solve problems you're good at solving.

Make yourself present.

Put yourself in the limelight.

Help those that can help you.

Make offers available.

Put yourself out there.

Be prolific.

Be memorable.


Give entertaining insights.

You ain't gonna move the needle much if no one knows who you are.

You ain't gonna make money if you don't sell shit people want to buy.

You ain't gonna grow unless you're putting out value that you can leverage every single day.

Your own value, of course, not just copy paste, or worse, stolen shit.

You're not going to sell too much if you're not demonstrating what you can do.

Every single day, at a bare minimum, I try to do the following for my business and it's resulted in fairly decent gigs, worthwhile connections and leveragable output (for later use):

1. Put out some sort of value adding content that stokes a problem, offers insight into solving the problem.

2. Distributing that content

3. Connecting with folks I can reciprocate value with (that means they can either pay me money, put me in touch with folks that can pay me money or somehow show how I've helped them in some useful way...maybe I made them money).

4. Removing some ignorance

Have some sort of system, no matter how unrefined or detailed it might be, that you can follow routinely, to help you get more of what you want out of life.

You can (and should) do this.

Hope this helped you.

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.


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