Successful WSO Copy-What's The Secret?

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Hello fellow Warriors and esteemed wordsmiths,

I was wondering, in your opinion, what it takes to have successful WSO copy. Would you use the same elements as you would any other sales letter, or are there specific changes that you would make because it is in the WSO section?

I have a really great follow up WSO product to a very successful WSO product. I realize because the first product was so successful, I should try and emulate the copy from the original product as close as I can. I'm just wondering if there are other elements that I can use or should specifically use in the WSO section to improve conversions and sales.

Thanks, in advance.
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    There's 4 crucial elements you need in all sales copy (especially a successful one):

    Story, benefits, proof and price.

    I know this is quite generic, but I think you get the idea. All else are supporting elements to help boost the sale. That includes exclusivity, scarcity, bonuses, limitations, images, content ephasis and so on. Hope that helps.
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    Oh yeah, it's being used all over the place. I've used it on a few clients myself.
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    The copy is just one of the MANY elements required
    for a successful WSO.

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    Well, duh, lol. Can't you give the guy a little more juice than that? Don't hold back now. You've given some very solid advice and I'd like to see more of that.
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    The strongest success predictor for a WSO is the offer itself.
    How strong is your offer? Or how "special" rather. (Value to
    price ratio must be high)

    Also the price comes second. The cheaper the better.

    The forum reputation of the poster comes third and finally
    the copy.

    So the copy does play a part, but I think the
    other factors top the copy.

    I've seen really poor copy (or none at all) make successful
    WSO because people thought that the offer was just too good
    to pass up.

    -Ray Edwards
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      Hey Jayson,

      I would say, since you have experienced a good amount of success with your initial product, your most effective plan of action would be to duplicate your sales copy, but adding more value to the content that you are offering. In other words, let your customers know and feel that the offer you are providing is something that they cannot miss out on, because of the extensive amount of valuable content that you have promised to provide for them if they were to purchase your product. I truly believe that if your content convinces your customers that the value of your product far exceeds the cash value they are paying, there would be no question in their mind to give you their money.

      So, duplicate your previous sales copy, but shift your "Value" radar (meaning the content your offering) to another level and I'm sure you'll be even more successful than the first time.

      Good Luck buddy.

      To Your Success,
      Sonam Lama
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    Paul and Ray nailed it!

    Yes, the copy has it's importance in the WSO section... but, Ray laid out a good guideline to use for importance (notice where the copy lays in that guideline).

    However, I do believe that if your price is higher than the 7 and 9 dollar offers... then the copy may play a more important role. Also, as to what you are selling in the WSO.

    But, then again... the reputation of the individual can still come into play, and the copy does not have to be all that long -- just get the point across. For instance, look at Ray's WSO offer now (in his sig). It is a short piece of copy, but the person that is going to buy from Ray KNOWS Ray's copywriting is worth much more than $2k... this is where the offer is GREAT and the reputation of the seller is GREAT. Copy comes in last again

    Still, if you look at my copy for my last WSO, then you will notice that it IS long, and it does use many sales letter techniques. Why? Well, I am selling something that costs more than the average WSO (yet still highly valuable), but at the same time I do not have Ray's credibility as a writer yet (keyword yet )

    So, it still depends on WHAT you are selling, and who you are selling it to. Just because we are all Warriors, does not mean you are selling to all Warriors. You will still need to know your general audience, and pitch to that audience. Only then can you know what type of copy you need to develop for your WSO.
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    Personally I think that you will need to have a degree of success yourself before even thinking about putting out a WSO.

    Next comes the copy and then making sure that the offer that you are giving out is irresistable.

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      As several people (Paul, Ray, Josh, etc.) mentioned the offer is extremely important. It's also just as important that you're selling something people want. Just because you're excited about your product doesn't mean the rest of the Warriors will have the same sentiment.

      Credibility is a big help too. For example, if Allen Says decides to run a $7 WSO, then I don't need much copy to convince me because Allen has shown me a strong track record of producing high-quality info-products. I know Allen wouldn't risk his professional reputation by putting his name on a shoddy infoproduct.

      The other thing is... if you're selling a service, then you have to have solid proof of your work. That's graphic portfolio for the graphic designers, sales letter(s) for the copywriter and so on.

      Personally, if I were to consider hiring another copywriter via a WSO for any personal projects of mine, then their WSO copy would have to be quite good. The exception being they were a well-established copywriter at the same level or higher than myself. For example, Ray L. Edwards ran a great video critique WSO quite some time ago that I grabbed.

      In that case, I already knew what Ray can do and the copy wasn't a factor in my decision. I had a personal infoproduct that I needed a fresh set of eyes to tell me objectively how to improve the copy. Even now, sometimes its hard for me to write copy for my own infoproducts because that requires being objective... something that is hard to do when you created the infoproduct and raised it to being ready for the sellers market.

      That may be my own personal bias... I could be wrong.

      Take care,

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        Originally Posted by MikeHumphreys View Post

        Personally, if I were to consider hiring another copywriter via a WSO for any personal projects of mine, then their WSO copy would have to be quite good. The exception being they were a well-established copywriter at the same level or higher than myself. For example, Ray L. Edwards...
        Great example. A Warrior offering a WSO for copywriting best write the BEST darn WSO copy, especially if their experience and credibility is juvenile. (Note: I did not say that their skill was juvenile.)

        However, if they ARE experienced, and they DO have credibility (like Ray), then you do not need to write the BEST darn WSO copy... You just need a good offer

        This is why it is important to know WHO you are writing your copy for...

        Still, it always comes back to the offer, and this is true not only of the WSO forum, but of selling in general... Especially if you DO want to become an authority figure in your niche and gain a respected credibility.

        But, if you are going to offer a WSO, then, just make sure that you follow through on what you promise, because you only get ONE chance to make that first impression. And, this first impression is THE major factor in building your credibility on this forum. (We exercise long-term memory here )

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    The best way you can learn is to visit and browse many WSO threads and keep notes along the way ... Really, self learning is the only way forward....
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    I took my first view of the WSOs today, and it seems to me that

    Killer Price + Ridiculously Good Value = Success

    That section is crazy... I wanted to buy like 10 things... All 10 that I wanted to buy followed that equation
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    Write your life.
    David Tendrich
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