Want to create a $17 report/ebook in next 5 days? Here's how..

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Apparatus: A string of love for the product (you are about to create), a collection of headlines (you can get one in marciayudkin recent thread and a fabric of 'sales detective'.

Principle: Creating a product that you are proud of. Note down the word 'PROUD OF'. No one can ever be a success who sells something of which he is not proud!

Procedure: OK, so here comes the magic.

For the sake of example, let's say you have a string of love for 'donut making'. You bake the finest donuts in town and it's time to Grab-the-people-by-the-throat and teach them how to do it. String of love - checked.

Next, you become Sherlock Holmes. Go to Amazon and find related ebooks. Buy one or two. Sit half a day on google and gather all the related stuff. Go to the biggest library in town (or maybe a local book shop) and hunt for the related material. Spend a day on it.

Assuming you did it. By now, you must have a stack of boring, insipid donut-related material making faces at you. A fabric of 'sales detective' - checked.

Next, you lock yourself in a room. Prison yourself with the hunted material and your collection of headlines.

Ask your mom to only knock your door when it's lunch time.

The Potter's magic begins here: Start reading. From the fattest book to the slimmest. From the crappiest blog post to the article you clipped on newspaper. Read everything you have gathered on donuts.

And while you do it, keep your collection of headlines near....very near.

And every once in a while, stop reading, and skim read your collection of headlines. Start reading again. Stop. Skim read headlines...repeat...roll...do it again...

And Bingo!

Somewhere along the way, you will have that "aha" moment. The moment when a Lego block from the stuff you are reading will snap-fit with the Lego block from the headlines you are skimming. This is your "aha experience"....your Saleable report/ebook subject line.

If you do it right, and you do it because you really enjoy making donuts, I bet you will have a light-bulb moment during the exercise.

And subject line like these will be at your hand, ready to be transformed into a $17 report/ebook:

"How to stop making delicious donuts for your grumpy child and start selling it right from your home."

"This donut recipe will make your taste buds go Ooh La La in frenzy. (Guaranteed!).

"10 toppings that make your donuts sell like peanuts in winter."
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