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Copywriters. The ability to find the exact right words to tell your companys story isnt an easy thing, and its even harder to do so consistently.
So when we come across companies that are doing it successfully, we think their copywriters deserve a pat on the back (and a raise?).
This are some brands Ive been following, they have a quite good copywriting and I wanted to share them with you as success cases.
UrbanDaddy has mastered the art of getting me to open emails. And when I click into them, they dont disappoint.
Some time ago, they sent an email with the subject line, "Fun.":
There were a couple things in this email that caught my eye.
First of all, there was no long preamble. The writers get straight to the point, a wise choice for something as simple as a rubber band gun lest the reader feel cheated reading sentence after sentence for something so common.
Secondly, they had a purposeful sentence structure. This copywriter eschews conventional grammar rules by combining run-on sentences and traditional product promotion copy in sentences like:
Lock and load with Elastic Precision, a Kansas City-based workshop that manufactures high-powered weaponry except not at all because they actually just shoot rubber bands, now available online.
Best of all, UrbanDaddys unique tone is found in every single piece of copy they publish, from emails, to homepage copy.
This company clearly knows its audience, which jokes to crack, and has kept it consistent across all their assets.
Not many brands are brave enough to touch the actual products theyre selling with unconventional copy, but Moosejaw isnt afraid to have a little fun.
The outdoor apparel outlet store uses humor as a way to sell their products without being overly forward about it. By appealing to peoples emotions, theyre more engaging and memorable.
First Round Capital
While a sign of great copywriting is making people smile, another is making people feel understood. The copywriters at First Round do a phenomenal job at letting the value of their offerings for their customers sell themselves.
For example, they hold over 80 events every year connecting their community together. Instead of just explaining that they have events and then listing them out, they begin that section of their website with a simple statement that hits close to home with many entrepreneurs: Starting a company is lonely.
Using words like imperfect, safety net, and vulnerable encourages readers to let their guards down and feel understood by the brand and their community.
Plus, youve gotta love that last line about stick-on name tags. Those things get stuck in my hair.
Do you know what Trello is? If the answer is no, then behold the copywriting on their website
Some of the use case clarity can be attributed to how smart the product is, but I think copywriters deserve some credit for communicating it clearly, too. They call it like it is, which ultimately makes it really easy to grasp.
Velocity Partners
No post from me about excellent copywriting would be complete without mentioning the folks at Velocity Partners. A B2B marketing agency out of the U.K., weve featured co-founder Doug Kesslers SlideShares (like this one on why marketers need to rise above the deluge of crappy content) time and again on this blog because hes the master of word economy.
What is word economy? Its taking care that every word you use is the right word. It means getting your point across concisely and not dwelling on the details when you dont have to. In a world of shortening attention spans, this is the ultimate goal when communicating your message.
Whereas SlideShares are typically mostly visual, Kesslers is heavily focused on copy: The design stays constant, and only the text changes. But the copy is engaging and compelling enough for him to pull that off. Why? Because he uses simple words so his readers understand what he's trying to say without any effort. He writes like he speaks, and it reads like a story, making it easy to flip through in SlideShare form.
The copy on Velocity Partners homepage stood out to me, too.
I also like how casual and honest they kept their email subscription call-to-action. The header is especially eye catching and it plays off of the popular SlideShare about crappy content we mentioned earlier.
These are some of the brands im following right now, and as Ive said, their copywriting is amazing.
What other brands with outstanding copywriting can you recommend?
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    Ray Edwards does a very good job maintaining his brand. His emails are excellent.

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