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I wanted to try making money with offline. I also wanted to ask you guys the prices I should charge. I'm really good in a certain offline niche and I think I could make some money but I don't know how much to charge and what to include in the service and also the payment method. If you guys can help me with this it would be awesome.

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    Search the forum, you'll find a lot of posts to answer you questions about copywriting. Spelling and grammar are important too.

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    I'd first gather your testimonials and see how much value you typically give to clients in terms of how much they make off of your skills.

    For instance, if every time you write copy your clients convert at 50% and earn thousands and thousands of dollars, you can set your price point pretty high up there.

    But if you're just starting out, you might want to take on some clients at low rates to gather testimonials and credibility.

    As for actual numbers, that's your call - but to build your rep I wouldn't go over 1k at first (easy to get clients under 1k who can be references)
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