How GetResponse landing pages are winning at their competitors?

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Just a while ago, I was conducting this cheeky experiment to know how Getresponse is marketing their services. I googled "aweber." The first ad to appear was of Getresponse.

I visited their web, and it turned out they were taking a direct Jab at aweber with the headline "GetResponse Vs Aweber."

Their aggressive marketing strategy was so eloquently presented, I couldn't resist falling for it. For example the differentiating table - although I didn't understand most of the technical terms, still it was somehow proving Getresponse better than aweber.

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You see, they have given aWeber edge where it deserved i.e kept it completely honest and avoided any exaggeration.

I took my experiment a little further and googled "mailchimp" instead.... opened the Getresponse ad from the search results and viola - a new landing page showing the comparison between getresponse vs mailchimp!

I am sure not the first one to notice this - but this is marketing at a whole new level. Absolutely genius! Even if aweber or mailchimp is better than GetResponse - the GetRespnse's confidence and honesty in taking a direct Jab at their competitors and presenting their USP with no shame whatsoever proves them better than the rest.

While doing the comparisons, the copy is so perfectly crafted - it never loses the handle of humbleness:

- No outrageous claims.
- Use of low-emotion words (otherwise the comparison may have sound exaggerated).
- Not making fun of their competitors.
- Making sure that the decision still remains with the prospect (not being so pushy).
- Giving clear distinguishing features (that are difficult to understand for someone new to email marketing) but still conveying the message that WE ARE BETTER.

Their landing pages are great examples of how to do Aggressive marketing without sounding aggressive and pushy.

Ah, and this reminds me of the famous Avis ad (1962):

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P.S I repeated the same experiment with aweber and mailchimp - they were not marketing themselves the same way.
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