Need: pre-sales Page ONLY

by edmltw
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Looking for a decent copywriter to do up a pre-sales page for me.

Niche: Building a passive income, web hosting

For more information on the sales page go here:
WebSite.WS <- Affiliated link. They do not have a non-affiliated link which i can show as a sample. Sorry about that.

Deadline, 3 days from acknowledgment of service.

Price: Negotiable. PM me with quotes.

Condition: After you done up with the pre-sales page, as much as possible, show me the site through a url link. (meaning, you upload your work up to your site first, i will review through it whether it meets with my standards.)
If its not possible, then generate screen shots of the sales page and send it over to me.

Contact: Send me an email to this account =>

Any questions or queries either PM me, post a comment in this thread, or send an email to me.

#page #presales

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