does my site make you want to do business with me?

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i had a nice lead source, but it dried up, so im wondering what can i do to keep the same traffic source but get more leads...

any advice is appreciated

any advice on the copy is appreciated as well
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    Originally Posted by cjsparacino123 View Post

    Water Video Productions - Home

    i had a nice lead source, but it dried up, so im wondering what can i do to keep the same traffic source but get more leads...

    any advice is appreciated

    any advice on the copy is appreciated as well
    1) $20 isn't enough to motivate me to do anything these days.Frankly anyone who has the means to split test your offer against theirs is unlikely to be motivated by $20. There's no risk on your part. $20 and some of your time? I've dropped larger bills than that on accident and felt less pain.

    2) You have too many videos above the fold until you get to the point you're trying to make. Those are supplemental to your message, not your entire message.

    3) I'm wondering why so cheap. I know what good video production costs. I've been on set with a pro crew. How are you a pro? Are you prepared to cover your skills in the copy if I didn't watch videos and make assumptions?

    4) You're setting yourself up for failure by making a guarantee to any random bozo who takes you up on the offer, without having clear and explicit qualifications.

    Aspiring copywriters: if you need 1:1 advice from an experienced copy chief, head over to my Phone a Friend page.

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    I'm not a web designer but your Header is way to big IMHO. With that size and the $20.00 refund offer it looks spamy and makes me want to hit the back button ASAP. You will loose a lot people by the time they scroll past the video's to read the copy.
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    Landing page is aggressive and stark. I would have bounced if I hadn't ben asked to look at the site.

    Lots of videos above the fold so I was unsure whats going on until scroll further down. The pitch is scammy looking and I wouldn't trust it.

    The 'why' section states "To be honest, this whole video venture might not work out, but that's fine"...then goes on to mention taking up your $25 offer???

    Any credibility is gone.
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    Originally Posted by cjsparacino123 View Post

    Water Video Productions - Home

    i had a nice lead source, but it dried up, so im wondering what can i do to keep the same traffic source but get more leads...

    any advice is appreciated

    any advice on the copy is appreciated as well
    From Hopelessness

    to SUCCESS 5 days ago

    You wanted to give up, then give back, and now your leads success has dried up, your copy doesn't work, you would take a job if one came up...

    You need some career counseling. You've been here over a year with your YoYo strategies. It isn't working. How many studios have you gone to "hang out" in, to build your network?

    Not meaning to be harsh, but you really don't know what you want, and you haven't yet figured out, the Warrior Forum does NOT have your answer.


    PS. It looks to me like your copy has gotten worse over the last year too.

    No sig for you.

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    i got 13 leads this past week from this basic website, i agree it needs some work, ill implement what you guys have said, i see the direction i have to go in.

    i guess it isn't working, i had a huge breakthrough and i was excited, i love learning about marketing. im kinda sad, i feel like crying. This has been awesome though, i love learning and getting results, but i need a job, i really didnt make any money in 2016, maybe $1000, but people still owe me money, i just couldnt figure out how to make $1000 a week, i don't have those skills.

    maybe ill give up maybe i wont, idk, ill see what happens

    Grab a Free copy of my investing/marketing eBook!

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    No offense but you would probably do better If you didn't say anything. I mean every single bit of your sales pitch.

    Right now you're a fiverr gig that wants to pay clients. You can't go any lower.

    Stop telling the world you're desperate. Show traffic some video editing skills and facts about your services, no drama.
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    i love learning about marketing. im kinda sad, i feel like crying
    That sentiment runs though most of your threads - while the others are over the top about your success and how you can teach others to get leads and on and on. Leads are not sales as you have discovered.

    You seem to have a feast/famine relationship with IM - the slightest good news (leads) converts in your mind to "my business is exploding" and when those leads don't convert into are almost despondent. That's too much emotion to put into a business - it will exhaust you.

    At the prices you are charging - going to meet your clients wherever they are - etc - I'm not sure there's any way you can be in profit with this particular business plan.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    Just delete the $20.00 refund and improve copy. Good Luck.
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    Are you actually good? I could use a guy who knows how to video edit. Do you have an instagram account with some cool shots?

    What niche are you in?
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    There are several issues you've got in your copy.

    First of all - Readability score. Try use different font weight, style and size. Usually, people are reading within F pattern, that's why you should get your content aligned to the right or to the left. You can leave the Call to Value in the center.

    Secondly, your are running out of content. It's way too "cheap". Kick around on paper all of your benefits, then eliminate a few of them.

    Next (which I believe is most important) - there is no voice within your copy. Even more, you don't handle your prospect objections, wants, and objectives. I can't find that "What's inside for me?"

    You are making the offer without even bringing some benefits or even let your prospect know for what he should pay. CRUCIAL

    Now about your headline!

    You are making a promise of what? Where are the benefits? Should your visitor be motivated? Does it introduce your service or product?

    Hmmm...It sounds like a cliche!

    In summary - you should hire a copywriter.

    Serving America's Team Fans

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    Honestly, I bet you're giving out a lot of refunds. DOUBLE the exposure in 24 hours?

    As a filmmaker, exposure should NOT be your concern. That's for the artists, their management teams, and marketers to handle. Just shoot the darn thing!

    On your about page, you talk about making money an awful lot. Cut that out. It's not about the money, it's about the clients.
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    I don't believe you can double anyone's exposure, not even an exposure of 1.
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    If I was you, I would add a clear call to action on the page, above the fold.
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    If you want to get into film production then you need to pick a job that you like and stick with it and learn everything about it. In commercial production or even the jobs in Hollywood, you literally start off as a production assistant for a few years then move onto a position you are interested in (editing, camera, production, etc.). There's no way you're going to make it if you do everything yourself.

    If you are truly passionate about film production then get a job at a production company. Talk to the pros first who've done this for years already.

    The leads that were generated were probably not done by your site but by word of mouth (literally the best way to get jobs). You are probably not getting paid that much from doing music videos, try real estate videos. I know guys who get $10 k for flying a DJI Phantom drone over a house for 15 minutes.

    If you want to be a producer you need to sack up and start calling literally everyone you know, call ceo's, marketing execs, and ad agencies.

    If you want to be an editor call up every producer or post production house in the city.

    If you want to be a camera person, again call every producer, or pro camera man (woman).

    My producer friends in Hollywood who work on big tv shows have to go on unemployment between jobs all the time. This is something you probably will have to do, and when you do CALL everyone you know. My friend who is an assistant camera man which took him a few years to get to makes $60,000 a year and works 16 hours a day on almost every single job and works weekends.

    Most producers make about $100,000 a year and work ridiculous hours.

    Ridley Scott, who directed Gladiator started off as a camera person and worked his way up to being director. This isn't something that was done overnight and he studied his craft nearly every single day. I wouldn't even worry about having a website if I were you. There are thousands of other people out there who are doing a far greater job at film (I'm sorry), without using a website.

    Rethink what you're doing and go and find advice from film pros! Stop worrying about little things like having a site and what you're copy says, you're focusing on all the wrong things.
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