Copywriting challenge - Handwriting 10 Sales Pages 3 time in 30 days.

by Karwan
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I want to master the art of Sales Page Copywritng and as a bonus improving my writing skills in English.

I want to Hand-write 10 Sales pages, 3 times in 30 days.

Can you recommend a sales page?
Sales pages that are written by Gary Halbert, Dan Kenndy, John Carlton etc

Niche: Dating, Weight Loss, Marketing, Business, Self-help, Health.


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    Is your health insurance all paid up? From what I've heard, carpal tunnel surgery has gotten fairly expensive.
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      Originally Posted by 1Bryan View Post

      If you want to "immerse" yourself in sales? I don't know if you have access where you are, but watch a lot of QVC, HSN, and any other home shopping networks you can. They have very strict numbers. If products don't sell XXX,XXX in an hour or whatever their numbers are, they get dropped. They know how to sell VERY well. Just make sure you don't have your credit card anywhere near by.
      Dude, brilliant! Never thought of using that approach. It makes perfect sense that their copy is the type we should be emulating.

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    The trick to hand copying letters is to read the letter a few times. Then and hour later or the next day you try writing it out. Then compare the two. Move onto the next letter.

    I would start with the classics first, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, etc. Then if you have any check out the ad space copy in a vintage magazine like life, Mechanix Illustrated, etc,

    You can also go to Amazon and look for books that have the best of the best sales letters. The first thing you will notice after doing this exercise a few times is the your fascinations will get better along with your headlines.
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    Best trick to copying letters would be reading at-least for 3 times with a gap of 5 minutes in each, and then try to recall in mind what you actually got from 3 tyms reading, then start writing. It definitely helps.

    I often use it when I need to draw some information from other articles while writing the new one.

    Reply me if it worked for u.

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    Weird side advice... pick a sales letter that worked on you. Copy that one a few times. There's obviously magic there.
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    I spent 7 years writing out ads for 25 minutes a day. And while
    I do feel it helped my writing I can tell you that it's not necessarily
    something that you need to do.

    Writing adverts is something you should try at least once. But it's
    not a magic bullet, it's not like every ad you write out improves you
    copy writing skills by 2.45% or something like that.
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