Oh Lord, Not Another Squeeze Page Critique

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Before I just come right out and ask for a critique, I just wanted to say thank you to all the experts that post on this forum. You don't have to do it, and I know the time you spend here could easily be spent making yourself more money.

To all those seeking advice, do whatever the experts here tell you, even if you don't understand the advice, you will eventually. The hardest part is making major changes to something you have slaved over, don't take it personal, and absolutely be willing to throw your "best" ideas out the window. I have had one sales page critiqued here, and I initially took only some of the advice that was offered, and still didn't see any better results. It wasn't until I got over my pride, and slashed up my sales page that I began to see double the conversions. So take the advice given in this forum, it is worth more than gold.

Ok, off of my soap box now. Up until now I have never created a list or made a squeeze page, I have always sent PPC straight to a sales page. This is my first attempt, and so far I have had about a 15% opt in rate, but wondered what I could do better. Also only about half of the people confirm, what are some tactics to increase the rate of confirmations. Link is below, Thank you warriors.

Please critique Learn the truth about 2012 , and thank you in advance for the great advice I know will be provided.
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    WOW I guess you'll be selling tickets to the International Space Shuttle.. I honestly also say that most likely that page will convert, there will be sceptics that wont put their details in but for those that are diving deep in the whole theory - they'll be eager to see what's behind the big grey button!

    That's it I'm opting in... Don't spam me!

    Owner bestfivereviewed.com

    Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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    There is just one little suggestion I can think of right now. That is putting a copy of "Don't use your real name" thing right near the Opt-In box, so that people can see it without scrolling. It adds that "Area 51" kind of effect, and can pull in more attention.

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  • Interesting topic. Basics are there, but after some testing I think you will find these tips will increase conversions:

    Give less information. Everything on the page should be above the fold with the possible exception of a BRIEF closing paragraph.

    Make one compelling promise in the headline and then use the text in the left column to "prove" you can deliver on the promise. Your headline now doesn't really make a promise. It needs to be specific and singular.

    Make better arrows.

    The opt-in box should blend seamlessly with the rest of the page. Our tests have shown even a dotted border around an opt-in box can decrease conversions.

    We just completed a 17 page report on squeeze page conversion factors and it's one of this month's downloads at Virtual Profit Center. You can grab a free membership at the link in my signature below. It will help you.
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    Personally I also think the box could look better. Don't know if you can change it maybe. There is definately too much information on the page, I would narrow it down to a headline, sub headline, bunch of bullet point and the opt in box, maybe with a few pictures. but the rest loooks pretty good.

    15% isn't bad for opt in I think!
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      Unless you're a regular listener to Coast-to-Coast, 2012 is just another year. What's in it for me? I know nothing specific about 2012
      but some wacky theories on Mayan calenders. What else is there?

      Why not give a bit MORE information about this event.

      Former NASA researcher makes a SHOKING discovery:

      "The BIG EVENT in 2012
      That Will Put You and Your Family In Danger"

      FREE Report "The 2012 SAFETY BLUEPRINT" can save your life.

      Available FREE for a limited time. Get Your Copy Now Before it's too late.
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    Thank you all for such great ideas. Dave, I really appreciate your advice, and I really like your squeeze page, very clean. Sam, I love your headline ideas. Luckily the traffic is already informed somewhat about 2012, but I will split test to be sure if that assumption is true. Thank you everyone for the tips. I am trying to work with the getresponse box, to make it blend in better, but it not cooperating with my xsitepro2...

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    SamKane, what great work. Wow. Here's my comment, I subscribed and put in my real name. My guess is that just about anyone would sign up, depending on the market angle. Basically, I normally would not sign up to this page. I don't like black backgrounds or spooky stuff. However, I have done some research on 2012, and I care about my life. So, I am turned off completely by the "don't put your real name," because, frankly, by my email address, I can be found. My actual name is unique on the planet, and also, I've even had my music website (of all things) actively tracked by the US military. And guess what? I eat apples, enjoy my time with my daughter, and went swimming a lot this past summer.

    So, anyway, what I am saying is that optimizing for best results will give the best results for the general market, however, I would suggest creating different squeeze pages per imagined market sector. You could start very general and then go more specific.

    How about professional, educated people that aren't into conspiracy stuff, but have money and are willing to look into something if their safety is at risk?

    The page would look and feel different. And also, the more real names you gather, the better for your movement, I would assume.

    I've actually thought about giving a lecture on 2012, because the "fear" surrounding it is really unnecessary. Appropriate information and actions eliminate fear, and basically, your promise is to help people save their lives. While of course, you use the "fear" button to get the email, but really, if someone has a plan, they don't need to be afraid anymore.

    ...and some people just aren't "into" spooky stuff and hiding their names. Makes it feel too "Waco" or something.

    Best, and I look forward to your newsletter.

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    Thank you for signing up Dainis. The product I am promoting has basically two parts, the first part is the spooky look into 2012, and all the theories (and fear), but the second part is the real part I "believe" in, which is a guide on how to prepare your family for disaster, any disaster. I think I am going to experiment with more general, non conspiracy theorist copy, but for right now I am using PPC, so the people that come to this page are your basic coast-to-coast am listener. Plus its funny to see what fake names people put in there. I think you're right that the fake name thing would turn off a lot of people, but right now I'm not so sure those people are the demographic I want to target.

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