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Copywriters. Old, young, new and seasoned.

We need your opinion. What do you want to see in a complete and total swipe file?

There are tons of swipe files out there, but, very few, if any, actually give you the details that can make you a better copywriter.

Do you know which page to advise your client to run an ad on? What day? What newspaper is good for a full page ad and which ones to avoid?

If you have a swipe of an ad that "worked", do you know how often it ran? How much was the ROI? Which elements were tested? Which headline pulled best? Do you know that some publications have restrictions on your headlines?

These are the kind of details that are contained in a new swipe file in the making. It is about 80% complete.

The swipe file is from Green Tree Press, Inc. in Erie, PA. They have 35 years and have run some great ads, many pulling in millions of dollars for simple books and reports.

The owner of the company, Pete Zesinger, needs your inpot for the last 20%. Tell Pete what you need in the swipe file, tell him what kind of detailed information HELPS you become a better copywriter.

If you do, Pete will send you a free PDF file (he has a few to choose from). We've created a short 7 and a half minute YouTube video (NOT selling a thing)...which gives you some more information about what Pete is looking for.

Here is the link:

If you have any questions, you can write to Pete at the posted email in the video, or to me,

He's aiming for a mid OCT. launch of this new swipe file, so hurry.


Gordon Jay Alexander
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