What Makes a Good About Me Page?

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In the About Me section of your blog, if being literal my thinking is that it should actually convey exactly what you are doing on your blog not who you are, while also connecting with your reader.

Does it have to be all professional like..

Mark is an online entrpreneur that has been marketing online for bla years X bla months...

Or more informal completely irrelevant to business or any assets and just containing a well refined humorous intro to the person behind the website?

I'm intrigued by this, the last few I've came across have been pretty prominent on the pages then all professional details about the person.

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    I would say you would do best by making your "About Me" page into the "About What I Can Do For You" page. I think just listing accomplishments is like listing features about yourself. You want to at least turn those into benefits for the reader. "Mark is an online entrpreneur that has been marketing online for blah years, and will use his extensive experience to guide you to your own success in online business."

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    The about me section doesn't have to be long. You can just make a short vid saying Hi i'm B. Lah and i have done this and that and I can help you with it. find out how regards, B. Lah. Oh what a coincidence I'm having a small site about this xD
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    Here's one way to think about it (at least how *I* tend to think about it):

    About Page = "Why Should I Care?"

    Social proof, reasons why, credentials, rapport and bonding... all of these elements and more can help cement their implicit decision that they are in the right place...

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    I wouldn't call it an "About Me" page at all. "What I can do for you" comes to mind... but that can be improved.

    The user wants to know that they can trust you and that you are human -- but as others have put it, it needs to bounce back from talking about yourself as quick as possible.

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    With my about me page, I let the reader first of all know who I am and what I do etc, then go onto to telling them what I can do and how I can help them, feel free to check mine out in my sig to give you some hints...
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    "[Your Name] is a caring nurturer, a member of several 12-step programs, but not a licensed therapist."

    (I'm totally going to do that on my next "About Me" page.)
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    Many of my clients have asked for "the about page" to be written as a professional bio. I would think different people have different ideas regarding what should be included.

    Depends on the site, but many are using it to put a condensed CV on it.
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    Just be yourself, and make sure to write your story. People will feel they know you and will trust you more.

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    In the About Me section of your blog, if being literal my thinking is that it should actually convey exactly what you are doing on your blog not who you are, while also connecting with your reader.
    Exactly. It should briefly explain who you are and what you do. You can also include your achievements in the field. In my opinion it doesn't have to be very formal. For an about me page, it should be personal, speak like you are speaking to a friend. Don't fill it with too much text, people might wanna stop reading that. You can just place a link to somewhere or attach a file for other things you might wanna include.
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    Don't speak in the 3rd person, ie "Mark is an online...", unless the rest of your site is written that way, too. If you want to use that perspective, change it to About Mark.
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    I agree with Aronya. Speaking in the third person on a blog, unless the rest of the blog is written that way, is going to be annoying. I think that how you set up an "About Me" page depends on what kind of blog you have. Someone's personal blog, for example, could contain an informal bio about who they are and why they started blogging. If your blog is part of a professional endeavor, however, you might want to make it sound more like the answer you would give to "tell me about yourself" when being interviewed.

    Of course, if your blog is merely part of a bigger website then you wouldn't have to worry about setting it up with an About Me page because the parent site should already have one, right?
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    Thats actually a really good question.

    I had no idea what to write on my about me page and the same goes for all my mini-blogs too! I still struggle now, but generally make it a 'why you should listen to me' and 'who i am' page.

    You can check out my main one on my tom brite site then click through to the about me page, might help you with some inspiration.

    Tom Brite
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