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I'm trying to write copy for my website and even offline marketing, but seem to keep getting lost when writing and going off track.

So, if I get some ideas to write for my landing page for an experiment, I end up writing a lot and then wondering if I'm hitting the message, targeting the right audience, leading them the way I would like to see them go, etc.

And even if I get those bits right, I might start writing for a page re an experiment and then end up feeling like I'm writing copy to interest from crowdfunders to invest in building a free app.

How do I keep on point?

I have cheat sheets and personas and styles.

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    1) Know exactly what you want to say
    2) Outline the flow
    3) Then write

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    It's just a sign you haven't come up with your BIG COMPELLING IDEA.

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    Just copy the structure of one of Dan Kennedy's sales letters. His structure is tight so you can't go wrong emulating him.

    Don't feel squeamish about copying anyone either; all the greats do it. Copying/modeling/emulating is writing's big secret.

    Good luck
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      That sounds good.

      I do have a plan for writing it. It's just I go off target with the type of copy I am writing.

      So, I have everything prepared, like audience, voice, message, system etc, then I start writing my landing page and then realise I've gone off target and am writing an article or in the style of a home page. I'm not in my landing page style.

      I'm not sure if I am explaining this clearly. Maybe it is just a case of I am expecting it to be perfect too soon, and instead I need to keep rewriting it until it is on point.
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    Well, my own solution seems to have worked. I did have it all set up correctly, I was just being hard on myself thinking that I could write all the content and copy straight off. I had to appreciate just where I was and that it might need a bit of time rewriting and focusing in on the message more and more.

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    I would always want my words to have that kinda specifically purposeful touch.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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