Have Your Seen This Swipe File?

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I had this amazing copy-swipe from about 2 years ago which I cannot find anywhere online or on my hard drive.

The thing is I have a bunch of copy courses from the best but the fact that I cant find this particular file is driving me NUTS.

It must be found.

I am vague on the title and the description below could refer to any swipe...HOWEVER

Its worth a try
  • It had a section on the "bucket brigade" with the back story on why we call it that with a list of conversation connectors.
  • It has a component of "imaginative phrases" such as "image three months from now" and "Visualise the" and so forth.
  • It also has a set of "competition killing phrases" such as "most of what is being taught is theory"

If you know which swipe I am referring too and can point be in the right direction...

Let me know please.

Much gratitude.

- Kaan
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