Why most copywriters struggle

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If there's one thing I've discovered on my journey as a copywriter, it's this:

Never... ever charge for a single swing of the bat...

When you write any piece of copy.

Because that's not how profits and scalability usually occur in a launch...

Or testing a new piece of copy in a funnel.

It's always a process.

Even the VSLs, sales letters and webinars that are "instant winners" always demand your help, insights, and skills to maximize conversions and engagement.

Where's this coming from?

Well, in the last few weeks, I've sort of been auditing the freelance copywriting biz...

By talking with lots of copywriters.

I'm a really curious person, by nature, and I see a lot of opportunity to create a digital copywriting agency, as a cooperative, where everyone could make lots of money.

And in vetting out the freelance industry to test the waters...

And see how much work I'd really have ahead of me...

To make this digital copywriting agency, a reality...

Here's what surprised me:

The people I talked with were in a lot of financial scarcity.

So they feel like they need to go after lower-budget clients...

To get work.

The question is:

Why would ANY copywriter go after prospects they have to educate, before the potential clients truly understand the value of copy...

When they can go after entrepreneurs with real budgets...

And genuine solutions?


Well, the answer is all about positioning.

After all, if you can position yourself to go after low-level clients...

Why wouldn't you just frame your services to speak to high-end clients?

I mean, it's the SAME amount of work.

Likewise, when you know you probably won't hit scalable conversions right out of the gate...

Even if you're REALLY close...

Why wouldn't you protect your long-term reputation...

And virtually guarantee the success of your copy...

By entering into partnerships...

Instead of JUST being a for-hire copywriter?

Because yeah...

It's damn well appropriate for you to be compensated, long-term, to stay on a project...

Until it converts. (As long as your partner collaborates with you, and keeps sending hot traffic to the offers.)

Look, the digital copywriting industry is transforming and evolving, quickly.

It's SO important, to your financial future, to figure out how to position yourself in the freelance marketplace...

So you only work with the real product developers and hustlers...

Who want to invest in bringing their visions, to a profitable life.

Just some random food for thought.

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    Great insight! As for me, I think writers have difficulty in "positioning" themselves in the best place, especially when they can't prove a lot of things yet. You know, clients can get demanding, and they sometimes take advantage of the fact that you haven't got "much".

    Well, that's what I think... You know, I've been in that kind of situation before. Settling on a project earning a few dollars, while I put my wit and blood and sweat on my work. Well, I've learned my lesson, and it was a lesson of a lifetime after all. And that is KNOW YOUR WORTH.
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      Knowing your worth is huge.

      Because if you don't...

      You'll likely position yourself... and your services...

      In a way that attracts bottom feeders.

      Also, ask yourself:

      "Why would I want to work with clients who can't afford to properly test my copy? How will THAT ever get me... anywhere?"

      The answer is...

      It won't.

      And from the client perspective...

      "Why would I want to hire someone who doesn't know how to connect with... and convert higher-ticket offers... starting with his or her own?"

      Very relevant question.

      Food for thought.


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    I agree Mark.

    So many people have limiting beliefs about money and what they should charge. They think "I wouldn't be able to afford $xxxx per month for this service, so therefore no one else will."

    Clearly that's not true.

    What's a lot to one person, is spare change to another.

    You're completely right when you say it's all about positioning. (Though if you charge higher amounts, you of course have to back it up by getting your clients results.)

    Great post Mark, and something a lot of copywriters here will benefit from.


    PS- I will also add that higher-paying clients tend to be much easier to work with. They respect you more and see you as a genuine expert who they're grateful to have on board.

    If you sell yourself out on the cheap, then your clients will treat you like a cheap copywriter. In other words, they won't entirely trust you to do a great job.

    And they'll likely try to micro-manage you.

    Which is a copywriter's worst nightmare, hey!

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