How To Shave DAYS Off Your VSL Editing Time

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Hey everyone, Michael W. from Level Up Copy here.

I just discovered something today that's helped me save an enormous amount of time recording and finalizing VSLs so I thought I'd share with the group.

I used to spend at LEAST as much time recording and editing these things as I did writing them, because I would record the audio by clicking the slide, reading it, and then doing the same for the following 400 or so slides.

Then I'd have to edit out little one-second gaps all the way through a 40-minute presentation and it was a huge time-sink.

It took one to two full DAYS of my time to make that work; time I couldn't spend testing new ads and finding new clients.

Switched it up today, recorded the audio of the VSL script FIRST, then Screen-capped the slide presentation while the audio was playing in the background.

Now it's perfectly "in-sync" and the emotionality of my reading the script isn't chopped up by odd editing errors.

SO much better. Maybe this is old news and it just took me awhile to figure out, who knows.

Just thought I'd share, in case this might help anyone else.
Cheers and happy Thursday!
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    Hi Michael,

    Sounds like a good technique. You may also like to check out easyvsl. It creates the slides for you when you speak into it, which can save you even more time.

    Matt Ambrose Direct Response Copywriter

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