What are some tips and tricks for a great press release?

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I write Press Release for my website to get more traffic
Great to hear your experience about it
Thank all
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    It all depends on the topic and theme of the press release, and what kind of action you expect from your readers.

    Generally speaking, the best way to maximize the effects of a press release is to post it / send it out between Monday and Thursday, 9:30 - 10am. This gives your target audience the time and access to resources in order to respond to your CTA correctly.

    I hope this helps!
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    As Diana S. said: it depends on the topic of your press release, but here are some general tips that you should stick to:

    - It should be concise (ideally one A4 page, you don't want your readers to go "tl;dr").
    - It should have a killer first line (this will attract their attention and keep them reading)
    - It should have a great title (like any other piece of content)
    - It should include proof (numbers, statistics, quotes and anything else that can make it relevant)
    - It should be newsworthy (i.e. about something people haven't heard of before or a new approach to a certain problem)

    Hope this helps at least a little bit.
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    • Press release should have interesting title
    • Topic should be unique and newsworthy
    • It will help if it is informative also
    • Good call to action

    This should help.
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    A friend of mine in the newspaper business used to say, "if you want me to give you news coverage, send me news - if you want an ad, buy a friggin' ad."

    Beyond that, follow the expected format (lots of guides and examples out there).

    Write your release in a way that makes the publication look good for using it.

    Triple check your spelling and grammar. Editors are busy people on a deadline, and they have a lot of options. Make your release easy to use, and you stand a much better chance of getting coverage.
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      Originally Posted by SEOptimization@1 View Post


      I am new to this forum and want to learn about Press Release Marketing?

      Any suggestions please?


      You could try actually reading the thread before posting, then...

      Try the search function. The topic has been covered many times.
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