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Hi Everyone,

I am working on a sales brochure for a client who is a hypnotist that does stop smoking and goal achievement training. We are looking for a new name for his center. Here are some possible ideas that still needs work.

His target is people aged 35-55, with some college education. Their greatest desire is to get rid of the nagging thoughts about and habit regarding tobacco use in any form (smoking, snuff, chew, drinking).

However, he also teaches people how to relax and achieve goals. He wants to do less stop smoking and more goal achievement training. Looking for something prospects will associate the desired end result with and a catchy phrase for his center in the Chicago area. He is already fairly well known having been there for years and has successfully worked with thousands of people helping them stop smoking in one visit using something called a cool laser and hypnosis.

Your input or added names would be great! Thanks for your ideas. Here is where we currently are. Please tell me how you might react seeing any title or suggest one that engages your mind to find out more about his offer. Remember, it will be in a tri-fold brochure with more information.


Successfully You
Successfully Yours
The Solution Center
The Success Center
Simple Success Center
The Success Place
The Place for Success
The Place I Succeed
The Place To Succeed
The Simple Solutions Center
The Easy Solutions Center
Time to Succeed Center
The Place I Become A Genius
Genius Training Center
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