How do I become the greatest direct response copywriter?

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This year, I have been teaching myself direct response copywriting and I love it.

I have set the goal of becoming world class in the next 10 years. 10,000 hours baby!

I have started writing emails for cheap with great results, but
I don't have enough volume to support myself full time.

If I could get a job at an agency as an intern being paid to write copy full time,
I have no doubt that my skills would ******* explode.

Can anyone provide a little guidance on how to get a job at an agency?

I've been trying for months with my dreams on the line, but
I don't have a college degree and no one is hiring for email or ad copy.

What would Gary Halbert do?
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    Write sales letter selling yourself to the agency.

    That's it.

    -Ray Edwards
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  • Squirt teat to maw ' pon demand.

    Then figure how bad you wanna be bit.

    & dangle yr schwango selectivismo.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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    I've said this on the copywriting forum before.

    Build a lead page, build a free product start getting leads.

    Build your own product to sell. Write a sales letter selling it.

    Sell it.

    Test and tweak until it rocks.

    2 things will happen.

    You'll become a great copywriter with a live sample that converts and you'll make money.
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    The Secret To Success In Any Business
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    There is a great book by Joseph Sugarman that I highly recommend.
    Have fun!
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    I would email Stansberry Research. The copy chief, Mike Palmer has got to be one of the best copywriters in the world, not to mention he's a downright good guy.

    You've got to relocate to Baltimore but I think you'd learn how to be a phenomenal copywriter there.
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    i got good at studying gary halbert ages ago.

    He sadly passed on a few years ago, but still has his letters up.
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