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Edit 2 October 2009: Thanks to Elmer Hurlstone for putting this list together originally in the old forum, and for giving his permission to revive it here.

Please report bad links, new additions or updates to existing listings by posting in the thread below.

The listings are as provided by the responders to the original post. They are listed in "Warrior Name" order. This is, after all, the Warrior Forum.

The "Areas of Interest" are the areas the copywriters prefer to work in as stated in their posts.

The URL's are as provided by the writers. Some may be sales page links for either their own or others products. I am not affiliated with any of these writers in any shape, form or fashion other than enjoying, with them, Warrior Forum membership.

The information found within this thread or any document or documents compiled from the information within this thread is for informational purposes only. No guarantee is made as to merchantability or fitness of purpose of any product or service referenced within this thread or any document or documents compiled from the information within this thread. Neither Elmer Hurlstone or the Warrior Forum endorses, recommends or makes any claim(s) whatsoever as to the abilities, skills or business practices of any person or organization listed within this thread. Any person reading and/or acting on any information within this thread or any document or documents compiled from the information within this thread does so at their own risk.

I checked all the site URL's supplied by the writers. Those marked with an asterisk would not open. I did not verify email addresses.

If anyone has additions, corrections or edits please let me know.



WF Copywriter Directory

Real Name: Kevin Adam
Warrior Name: adamk9995
Areas of Expertise: Autoresponders, landing pages, sales letters
Areas of Interest: Open to any business type for AR's - strong interest in firearms industry.
Contact Info: Please see email address

Real Name: Alan Carr
Warrior Name: AlanCarr
Website: www.copywriter-ac.com
Email: alan@ domain above
Areas of expertise/experience: Making corporatespeak sell! Web-based, business to business, ForEx, software, press releases and technical white papers. No specific niche, though I generally avoid dietary products, "IM" and Ponzi schemes. Anything else, try me! I say 'Yes' a lot.

Real name: Bernard St-Pierre
Warrior Name: alcymart
Areas of Expertise: Ad Copy for Landing Pages, Sales Letter, Auto-responder sequences.
Areas of Expertise: Killer Ad Tactics, Color Psychology, Hypnotic Texts.
Contact : bernard [at] guevremont.net
Online Course: http://www.earn-income-at-home.info

Real Name: Andrew Cavanagh
Warrior Name: AndrewCavanagh
Areas of expertise: Internet Marketing, Business Marketing,
Specialize in copy for information products.

Real Name: Bill Oliver
Warrior Name: BillOliver
Areas of Expertise: Investment & Trading Advisories, Newsletters, Brokers & Software.
Areas of Interest: Methods of Multi Millionaire Marketing Masters
Contact Info: Skype ID: bill_muar
Email: bill_muar-warrior AT yahoo.com.au
Site: Home Page of Bill Oliver - Sales Writer/ Marketing Coach
Note1: Will get site re: copywriting for financial niche soon.
Note2: Australian in Malaysia

Real Name: Brian McLeod
Warrior Name: BrianMcLeod
Areas of expertise: Audio, B2B, B2C, Sales Letters,
Phone Scripts, DRTV, Radio, Webinars, Presentations
Email: loudmac @ gmail.com

Real Name: Bruce Wedding
Warrior Name: Bruce Wedding
Areas of expertise: IM, Fitness, Supplements
Email: Bruce @ CopywritingManiac.com
Copywriting Maniac - The Affordable Internet Marketing

Real Name: Connor Gallagher
Warrior Name: cgallagher93
Areas of Expertise: Internet Marketing, Financial, Spritual, Self-Help, Dating
Email: info@connorgallagher.net
Site: Connor Gallagher - Direct Response Copywriter - Marketing Consultant - Product Launch Manager
Skype: gallagherconnor
Phone: +447533149150 (UK)

Real Name: Cherilyn Woodhouse
Warrior Name: Cherilyn Woodhouse
Areas of expertise:
- Internet Marketing
- B2B
- Software/High Tech (Specialty in Web 2.0 Applications and Software Services such as Autoresponders, Hosting, etc.)
- Self Help and Motivational Products
Email: info@BCWebMedia.com
Website: Copywriting, Content Creation, Ghostwriting & Article Writing Services | Great Content Lives Here

Real Name: Chris Custer
Warrior Name: Chris_Custer
Areas of expertise: Web copy, hypnosis, self help,
financial, sales letters, opt-in, order page, autoresponder
Email: chris @ custerwriter.com
Chris Custer's Website Conversion Tactics

Real Name: Chris Ramsey
Warrior Name:Chris Ramsey
Email: Chris@Chris-Ramsey.com
Areas of Expertise: Squeeze pages in these niches - Software, Internet Marketing, Self-Help, Personal Growth
Site: Advertising Copywriter: Delivering Sales & Leads & Increasing Profits

Real Name: Karen Thomson
Warrior Name: Clutterbutterfly
Areas of Expertise: Web Copy, Landing Pages, Email Copy, Press Releases, Blogs, Health Writing/Sales Copy, Article Marketing, Reviews.
Areas of Interest: Alternative/Holistic Health, Weight Loss, Nutritional Supplements, Self-Development, IM
Contact Info: Skype @ Thomson.Marketing (based Sydney, Australia)
Email: webcopycreation@gmail.com/karen@webcopycreation.com
Site: Web Copy Creation official web copy blog by Karen Thomson

Real Name: Colm O'Dwyer
Warrior Name: colmodwyer
Areas of Interest: IM, sports, health

Real Name: Eldo Barkhuizen
Warrior Name: Copydog
Areas of Expertise: emails, B2B web copywriting, SEO copywriting, Web content writing
Areas of Interest: weightloss, educational software, skin problems
Contact Info: Tel. +44(0)1493 444556 (UK), Skype: eldobark
Email: eldo@arrowwrite.com
Site: Targeted Web Copywriting

Real Name: Joe Cunningham
Warrior Name: Copygun
Areas of Expertise: Natural Health, Biz Op, Fitness etc.
Site: http://www.Adcopydirect.com

Real Name: Dan Axelrod
Warrior Name: Dan Axelrod
Areas of Expertise: Sales-Focused Copy (I only write content "to sell," not articles or SEO)
Areas of Interest: Strongest in writing copy for information products/seminars (Self-Help, Health, Spirituality, Dating). Also Business to Business (Marketing Services, Proposals, Insurance)
Email: dan (at) realsalescopy.com
Site: http://www.realsalescopy.com

Real Name: Daniel Scott
Warrior Name: Daniel Scott
Areas of Expertise: Forex, internet marketing, weight loss, real estate.
Website: Turbocharge Your Website's Sales With Copy That is Guaranteed to Get Results!

Real Name: Danielle Lynn
Warrior Name: DanielleLynnCopy
Areas of Expertise: Web Copy, Sales Copy, Sales Pages, Emails, Direct Mail, Headlines, Slogans
Areas of Interest: IM, Business Consulting, B2B, Health, Women's Health, Meditation, Self-Improvement, Animals/Nature, Weight Loss
Contact Info: 818-220-4374
Email: danielle @ daniellelynn.com
Site: http://theclearcopywriter.com

Real Name: David Babineau
Warrior Name: David Babineau
Direct-Response Freelance Copywriter With Experience In Following Markets: Animal, Real Estate, Marketing, IM, Health, Hypnotists
Skype: dave_babineau
Phone / Fax: 1-800-341-7212
Email: dbabineau @ inodax.com
Mail: 331 Elmwood Drive, Suite 4-1000, Moncton NB, E1A 7Y1 CANADA
Website: http://www.davidbabineau.com
WSO: Warrior Special Offer

Real Name: Diana Barnum
Warrior Name: dbarnum
Contact Info: http://ohiohelpgroup.com
Areas of Expertise: Sales Letters, Articles, Press Releases, Reports, eBooks, Web Copy, more…see site for listings
Awards: IdeaMarketers Ghost Writer / PLR Expert; American Christian Writers Multiple-Award Recipient; Local Online Writing Instructor; more: see site.
Site: Moving Ahead Communications - Advance with Affordable Business Support Services

Real Name: Dean Dhuli
Warrior Name: Dean Dhuli
Areas of Interest: finance and investing, IM, software, health & fitness, self-improvement, business opps
Email: highpowercopy @ gmail.com
Expert Copywriter | Copywriting Services | Direct Response Copywriter | Dean Dhuli

Real Name: Debbie C. Allen
Warrior Name: Diva Deb
Areas of Interest: health & fitness, self-improvement,

Name: Glenn Murray
Warrior Name: divinewrite
Advertising Copywriter, Website Copywriter, SEO Copywriter - Divine Write Copywriting
Areas of Expertise: Web copy, SEO copy, brochure copy, scripts, DM, articles, press releases, technical writing, copywriting

Real Name: Dorothy Pecson
Warrior Name: DorothyDot
Areas of expertise: Internet Website and Autoresponders, Nature, Health-Related, Handcrafts, Folk-style Music, and everything remotely related.

Real Name: Doug Barger
Warrior Name: DougBarger
Areas of Interest: Direct Response Copywriting, Internet Marketing, Information Products, Business to Business,Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting
Email: Sales@ TheKillerCopywriter.com
Visit=> The Killer Copywriter

Real Name: Doug Hughes
Warrior Name: DougHughes
Areas of Expertise: Internet Marketing, Fitness, Nutraceuticals (two top converting CPA offers) Former Creative Director of a $20 million dollar a year direct response company (Pinnacle Information Systems). Business development and person-to-person sales. Call 661-433-3540(GMT+8)
Email: Yes, Call or email me by clicking this link.
Site: DougHughes.info
Skype: HowDougDoesIt
Phone: 01-661-433-3540

Real Name: Erin Steiner
Warrior Name: Erinwrites
Areas of Interest: blogging, entertainment, marketing, personal finance (saving money) and health
Email: erin @ erinwrites dot org
Website: Erin Farley: Content and Copy Writing Rock Star

Real Name: Eric Barton
Warrior Name: fasteasysuccess
Areas of Expertise:SEO, Marketing Consulting, Writing Services.
Providing Fast and Creative Offline and Online Sales Pages, Sales Letters, Direct Mail, Capture Pages, Websites, and More.
Contact Phone:262.716.1786
website: http://www.fasteasysuccess.com

Real Name: Chris Barr
Warrior Name: FuNWiThChRiS
Areas of Expertise: Copywriting, eCommerce, Landing Pages, Autoresponders, Direct Marketing
Areas of Interest: 5+ years of "real world" executive level ad agency experience
Contact Info: Email or Phone
Email: info@thecopywritingconsultant.com
Site: http://www.TheCopywritingConsultant.com

Real Name: Garland Robinson
Warrior Name: GRob324
Areas Of Interest: All Areas Of Internet Marketing,
Self Development, Motivation, Automobiles, Computers,
Self Help

Real Name: Hank Rosen
Warrior Name: hankster
Freelance Copywriter Hank Rosen | Marketing Copy & Web Content

Real Name: Hans Klein
Warrior Name: Hans Klein
Areas of Interest: Internet marketing, SEO, Adwords/PPC,
alternative health, music business related, self-improvement
Email: Hans @ CopyThatDeliversResults.com
Hans Klein | Direct-Response Web Copywriter

Real Name: Rebecca Garland
Warrior Name: internetauthor
Areas of Interest: family, teen
Email: info @ internetauthor.net
— internetauthor.net

Real Name: James Palmer
Warrior Name: jamespalmer
Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, Web copy, e-books, direct
mail, online sales letters, ghostwriting, info products,
autoresponders my specialty

Real Name: Jason Fladlien
Warrior Name: Jason Fladlien
Site: Contact Us | Fladlien Productions

Real Name: Joel Kessell
Warrior Name: Joelamite
Areas of Interest: Small Business Marketing, Health
& Fitness, Software, Techonology
Joel Kessell Copy

Real Name: Joseph Ratliff
Warrior Name: Joseph Ratliff
Area of Interest: Online Direct Response
(sales pages, autoresponder messages, website copy, thank you pages, etc...)
Website: Direct Response Copywriting, Marketing, And Business Development Secrets by Joseph Ratliff | The JosephRatliff.com Blog

Real Name: Jeff Masterson
Warrior Name: JMastersonCopy
Areas of Expertise: Internet Marketing, health & fitness, self-improvement, biz-opps
Email: jmastersoncopy (at) gmail (dot) com
Website: Jeff Masterson | Direct Sales Copywriter | Business Opportunity Specialist

Real Name: Katie McDonald
Warrior Name: katiemcdonald
Areas of Expertise: copywriting, editing, sales writing, advertising writing, marketing consulting, website analysis
Areas of Interest: marketing and copywriting
Contact Info: Phone: 1 (866) 960-9112, Fax: 1 (800) 957-1412
Site: strikingcontent.com

Real Name: Karen Callahan
Warrior Name: KC at Spectrum
Areas of Internet: B2C, B2B cross-industry clients.

Real Name: Keith Thompson
Warrior Name: Keithyt
Areas of Expertise: Press releases, radio and video news releases, web copy, reviews
Areas of Interest: PR, online PR
Contact Info: Skype keith.thompsonuk
Email: keith@effective-media.co.uk
Site: Effective Media

Real Name: Ken Strong
Warrior Name: KenStrong
Areas of Interest: IM, Health
Strong Copy and Marketing

Real Name: Kevin Lam
Warrior Name: Kevin Lam
Areas of EXPERIENCE: hypnotism, day trading, fitness,
real estate, PLRs, personal branding, financial software,
sports, business consulting, sex, dating, credit & more.
Site: CopywritingArchitect.com
Skype: netdebut
Twitter: bigtexasseo

Real name: Kevin Rogers
Warrior name: Kevin Rogers
Areas of expertise: IM, biz-op, weight loss, fitness, legal services, real estate, marketing services/coaching.
Credits of interest: Several ClickBank #1's, Head Writer - John Carlton's Stable of Copywriters, Simple Writing System Teacher, go-to writer/consultant for top gurus.
Sites: Expert Online Copywriter | High Response Sales Copy | Direct Response Marketing Consultant, Kevin Rogers | The Copywriter's Edge
Fees: Mid to high range. Happy to give students and colleague referrals for jobs with tighter budget demands.
Email: kevin@rogerscopy.com
Phone: 727-498-0868

Real Name: Kyle Tully
Warrior Name: Kyle Tully
Areas of Interest: IM, sports, educational, healthcare,
software & retail
Internet Marketing Consultant | Direct Response Marketing | Kyle Tully

Real Name: Len Bailey
Warrior Name: Len Bailey
Online/Offline Direct Response Marketing specializing in: Finance/Investments, Health/Nutritional Supplements, Numismatics, Catalogs, Regulatory Compliance
Credits: Sales in excess of $4 million; beat out 800+ applicants to land position writing for Clayton Makepeace at ResponseINK.
Skype: len.bailey
Twitter: LenBailey

Real Name: Lisa Dozois
Warrior Name:LisaG
Email: Lisa@Knology.net
Areas of Expertise: Sales Letters, Brochure Copy, E-Books, Web Copy, Articles
Ranked #2 out of 220,000 service providers on RentACoder
Site: Lisa Giannetti Copywriter

Real Name: Mark Pocock
Warrior Name: markpocock
Areas of Interest/expertise: IM, Health, non-IM niche
Email: mark at markpocock.com
Direct Response Marketing | Direct Response Copywriter

Real Name: Matt O'Connor
Warrior Name: Matt James
Areas of expertise: IM, Self Help, Forex, Dating
Email: matt@deliciouscopywriting.com
Delicious Copywriting

Real Name: Chris Elliott
Warrior Name: mccflo99
Areas of EXPERIENCE: internet marketing, health, grade school, middle school & college products. Male enhancement, sports & computer products. Self help, martial arts & seminar offers. MLM, software & tatoo products. Experience writing for seminars, physical, digital & software products in dozens of industries. High profile references and samples of my work on my site.
Site: CopywritingRush.com - Copywriter | Direct Response Copywriting
Twitter: CopywriterX

Real Name: Malcolm Lambe
Warrior Name: Metronicity
Areas of Experience: Concept & Copy
Skype: metronicity
Email: malcolmlambe@gmail.com
The Copy Nazi

Real Name: Michael Lee
Warrior Name: Michael Lee
Areas of Interest: persuasion, self-improvement
Power of Persuasion | Conversational Hypnosis | Mind Control Techniques | Mind Control Tricks | Subliminal Persuasion

Real Name: Mike Humphreys
Warrior Name: MikeHumphreys
Areas of Interest: IM, health, other

Real Name: Meek Banks
Warrior Name: MoneyMeek
Areas of Expertise: Ghostwriting, Publicity, Trade Articles, and Sales copy
Areas of Interest: Internet Marketing, Parenting, Marketing, General Business, Investing, Dropshipping, eBay, Real Estate, Sex, Joint Ventures
Contact Info: 202-630-6335
Email: meek at pocketscribe.com
Site: PocketScribe

Real Name: Vin Montello
Warrior Name: Montello Marketing
Areas of Interest: IM, General, Fitness, Real Estate, All product launches
Expert Copywriter | Marketing Consultant | Top Copywriter | Marketing Strategist | Direct Response Ad | Top Gun Copywriter | Top Gun Copy | High Response Ads

Real Name: Lucinda Reynolds
Warrior Name: nursewriter
Areas of Interest: IM, online gaming, software, membership
sites, health
Email: s126shadow @ aol.com
writing for the health market
Lucinda's Writing Services - Lucinda's writing services

Real Name: Phil Coleman
Warrior Name: Phil
Areas of expertise: A total writing service -
Copywriting, Sales letters, Website Content
Online Copywriter, SEO Copywriter, Web Copywriter, Marketing Copywriter

Real Name: Paul McQuillan
Warrior Name: Paul McQuillan
Area of specialty: Offline copywriting
onslaughtmarketing.com: Helping Small Businesses With Smart Marketing

Real Name: Rachelle Ross
Warrior Name: Rachelle Ross
Areas of Interest: Dietary Supplements, Health, Self-Improvement
Reed Copywriting

Real Name: Ray L. Edwards
Warrior Name: Raydal
Areas of Interest: Health/Fitness/Wellness, Network
Marketing/MLM, Home Business,IM, Financial, Religious,
Sports/Gaming, B2B, Software, Real Estate
Copywriter, Web Copywriter, Direct Mail Copywriter

Real Name: Randy Smith
Warrior Name: Randy Smith

Real Name: Rasheed Ali
Warrior Name: rasheedali

Real Name: Ghulam Nabi Rezbi
Warrior Name: Rezbi
Areas of Expertise: All areas
Site: Blog Direct And Digital Marketing | Internet Marketing | Direct Marketing Copywriting site will be up soon
Location: UK
Email: rezbi@feelinglazy.co.uk
Skype: icopywrite

Real Name: Richard Stooker
Warrior Name: rickstooker
Area of concentration: email
Site: Higher Profits Email Autoresponder Secrets

Real Name: Ronak Shah
Warrior Name: RonakShah
Contact Info: info@webcopywritersblog.com
Preferred Niches: Internet Marketing, Health, Body Building, Dating, Financial Markets, Spirituality & Self Motivation, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
Areas of Expertise: Sales Letters, Affiliate Landing Pages, Email Copy, Opt-in Pages, Sales Copy, Press Releases.
Site: http://WebCopyWritersBlog.com

Real Name: Ross Bowring
Warrior Name: Ross Bowring
Areas of Expertise: IM, Public Speaking, Personal Development, Network Marketing, Natural Health, Sports
Email: ross@ bowringmarketing.com
Site:Bowring Marketing

Real Name : Roy Miller
Warrior Name: Roy Miller
Areas of Interest:IM, self-help and health products
Email: Roy @ TheOtherRoad.com
Roy Miller - Know Your Value, Sell It, Reap The Profits

Real Name: Scott Murdaugh
Warrior Name: Scott Murdaugh
Areas of Interest: SEO, PPC, Internet Marketing, Self Help, Software Of All Kinds... Niches I DON'T like are anything related to dogs and seduction.
Email: Scott@ResultsCopywriting.com
Scott Murdaugh|Results Copywriting

Real Name: Seth Czerepak
Warrior Name: sethczerepak
Areas of Interest: If you sell a business development service (Social Media, Web Design, SEO, PPC, Marketing Consulting), we need to talk.
Skype: seth_jc
Email: sethczerepak@vqsuccess.com
More Information: Click here to see my Customer Reviews

Real Name: Shaleniie Devi
Warrior Name: Shaleniie Devi
Areas of Expertise: Internet Marketing
Website: CopySizzler

Name: Shari Voigt
Warrior Name: ShariV
Areas of interest: SEO, web site development, B2B marketing
communication, small business marketing, home business,
alternative health and more.
Express It Write! SEO Copywriter, Marketing, Neenah WI 54956

Real Name: Stephen Dean
Warrior Name: Stephen Dean
Areas of Expertise: Web Sales Copy, Multivariate and Split Testing/Tracking
Areas of Interest: Internet Marketing, Investing
Email: warriors@copyproductions.com
Site: Copy Productions

Real Name: Steven Wagenheim
Warrior Name: Steven Wagenheim
Areas of Expertise: Article writing and marketing, copywriting
Areas of Interest: IM
Email: copywriting@bcipe.com
Site: Steven Wagenheim's Copywriting Service

Real Name: Craig Wright
Warrior Name: Straygoat
Areas of Expertise: Web Copy, SEO copy, Sales Letters, Technical Writing
Areas of Interest: Sport, Technology, but I write about anything
Contact Info: See email address below. I am based in the UK.
Email: craigwright@straygoat.com
Site: www.straygoat.com

Real Name: Peter Kohar
Warrior Name: superkohar
Email: peter @ CopywritingRevolution.com

Real Name: Suzanne Ryan
Warrior Name: SuzanneR
Areas of Interest: e-marketing, direct response
Money Making Emails - Pre-Written Affiliate Emails

Real Name: Tanya Davis
Warrior Name: Tanyawriter
Areas of Interest: IM, mortgages, real estate, self-help,
Email: tanya @ tanyardavis.com
Tanya Davis, Freelance Writer

Real Name: Temitope Agboola
Warrior Name:topsytoppy
Areas of Expertise: Content creation, Press release, Article rewriting,SEO articles
Areas of Interest:Health and Fitness,Internet Technology,Online marketing,relationships,marriage,parenting,DIY etc
Email:agboola.temitope at gmail.com

Real Name: Traci Benoit
Warrior Name: Traci
Areas of Expertise: Automotive, pet/animal, real estate, health, general.
Site: www.tracibenoit.net
Email: TraciBenoit@gmail.com
Phone: 337-214-1157

Real Name: Tracey Dooley
Warrior Name: TraceyDooley
Areas of Expertise: Adverts, Affiliate Landing Pages, Business Growth Campaigns & Consulting, DM (esp. Postcards, Leaflets/Flyers), Equine, Web Copy, Proven Marketing Campaigns, Email Copy, Press Releases, Travel Writing/Sales Copy.
Areas of Interest: General, Animals/Pets, Fitness, Health, Personal Development/Self-Improvement, Proven Marketing Campaigns.
Site: |

Real Name: Tracy Needham
Warrior Name: TracyNeedham
Direct Response Copywriter & Marketing Coach
Areas of Experience: Financial Services, Sales Trainers, Chiropractors, Small Business Services, Personal Development, Internet Marketing, Information Products
Visit...Direct Response Copywriting and Small Business Marketing

Real Name: Jesse Forrest
Warrior Name: WebCopywriter
Areas of Interest: Dating,Real Estate Investing, Stock
Market, Weight Loss, IM, Health and Wellness, Self-Help
Email: Jesse @ JesseForrest.com
Jesse Forrest copywriter for copywriting

Real Name: Elisabeth Kuhn
Warrior Name: wordwizard
Areas of interest: IM (the not-so-technical stuff please),
webcopy for lawyers, self-help, health (alternative
& otherwise), financial stuff, personal growth, law
of attraction, prosperity
Email: wordwizard @ LinguisticLeverage.com
Dr. K. Webmarketing: Linguistic Leverage

Real Name: John Phillips
Warrior Name: writeangle
Areas of Interest: IM, YP, AR
John Phillips Copywriting

Real Name: Judy Kettenhofen, Profit Strategist/Copywriter
Warrior Name: zapseo
Areas of Interest: maximizing website profitability,
no matter what the subject matter
Email: wfcopy @ nextday-copy.com

Real name: Heidi Hecht
Warrior name: wirelessgeek
Areas of expertise: Computer technology and networking. Also, can do product reviews if you provide the product for testing purposes.
E-mail: commandrix@yahoo.com; please put "Warrior Forum-article writing" in the subject line.
Preferred payment method: PayPal

Real Name: Susan Varty
Warrior Name: Wordtree
Areas of Expertise: Web Copy, Technical Writing, User Guides, Installation Manuals
Areas of Interest: social media marketing, blogging, gadgets, technology, technology in education
Contact Info: I'm based in Toronto
Email: sue at wordtree dot ca
Site: Wordtree.ca | When words matter...

Real Name: James Quirk
Warrior Name: Zentech
Areas of Expertise: Copywriting, Editing, Consulting, Psychology
Areas of Interest: Philosophy, Sociology, Non-Traditional Marketing
Credits: 5 million+ readers worldwide
Contact Info: cogcopy AT gmail.com
Site: AddTheBomb.com
#copywriter #directory #forum #warrior

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