Copywriting tips for a SaaS product that is quite specific

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The SaaS product is related to managing the employee screening and other clearances required by staff of software development agencies or other service organisations (e.g. database administration services) when engaged by companies with specific requirements. For example, health, education and finance industries where specific clearances or certifications are required before the contractors can go on-site or get access to the customers systems.

I have been struggling with describing the application and settling on key words for the landing page and feel like I'm not really at the point where I could just launch and iterate as feedback comes in.

What are some ways I can approach the process of developing the copy for the landing page?
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    A few years ago, I was contracted to write a direct mail letter directed at school principles. I knew nothing about what a principle does nor what are his responsibilities and needs.

    I also knew no principle to call.

    So I've went to Amazon and bought a book called "Your First Year As A Principle". I've read it and this helped me understand how to design my message.

    Start with your prospect. Understand their needs. Understand why what they are doing right now is not quite cutting it. Then move to the product itself. Try to understand everything about it or at least enough to carry an intelligent conversation.

    I don't know about your particular case but my MO when I have to write in a highly technical niche is to simply read a book about it and talk with my users.

    Otherwise you're going to make assumptions and I've learned that unless I'm in someone's shoes, I'm better off asking than assuming.

    When I've wrote copy related to the regulatory niche in the medical field I've simply read a lot about it. I don't think that information is ever going to help me ever again in my life but I don't know any other better way. As you may already know, there is no such thing as writer's block, there is only a lack of understanding the subject fully.

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    Good advice from Razvan: get to know your client's target buyer.

    I do a lot of work in the SaaS field and it's key to know whether the end user is a B2B type or a regular consumer. The B2B needs to hear a different kind of "noise" in the copy than the "civilian" who is buying for themselves. You can't go all WSO Hype with the B2B.

    Find out what your target market values...and know that what the SaaS creator values, and what stands out to you, is not what the buyers value. It's always something different. The features the SaaS creator thinks are so important are not why customers buy. They usually buy for one reason only...could be one of four different reasons buyers buy, but the one stands out to that individual.
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